Which glass is used for office partitions and which is better to choose?

In modern design, glass partitions are used for space planning, allowing to divide it without cluttering the room with heavy structures. Today, glass partitions are widely used in shopping and entertainment centers, offices, conference rooms, pavilions, etc.

When zoning a space with glass walls, safe high-quality glass 5-10 mm thick is usually used. Depending on the room, glass systems can be made in the form of an all-glass structure or frame partition. When designing partitions, different types of glass can be used to decorate the space. Due to the wide range and functional purposes of glass, it is possible to achieve certain indicators: safety, transparency, sound insulation, and modularity of glass walls. The use of different options for door fittings is usually proposed in the design.

Taking into account all of the above, office management often decides to create glass conference rooms using quality partitions, which can be purchased on the site CommercialGlassPartitions.com at affordable prices. However, the question remains, “Which glass is used for office partitions and which is better to choose?” In this article, you will find the answer to this question.

Types of Glass Used in Partition Walls for Office

CommercialGlassPartitions.com indicates that there are several main types of glass that are used to make glass office partitions:

●Frosted glass. This is a special type of glass, which has an opaque surface, which is used primarily to reduce visibility. Such glass is an excellent material for making partition walls for office. It retains the lightness of space, giving it mystery and originality. The use of different degrees of transparency, unique patterns, combining glass of several colors allows creating a special design;

●Triplex glass. This is a multilayer glass, which consists of two or more layers glued together with a polymer film. The thickness of such a structure can vary from 8 to 40 mm. Glass office walls made of triplex are characterized by strength, safety, and durability;

●Strained glass. It is a reliable and refined construction material. This glass is 7 times stronger than usual and can withstand significant static loads with large deflections without destruction. The wall for the meeting room made of strained glass has increased resistance to dynamic shock loads and temperature fluctuations;

●Tinted glass. It is made on standard technology with the addition of color. This method of tinting provides a uniform shade over the entire surface, reduces reflectivity and the ability to transmit light. The specialists of the website CommercialGlassPartitions.com mention that glass partition walls for offices made of tinted glass are not exposed to moisture and ultraviolet light. They complement the interior favorably, combining well with the other decor.

So, there are many types of glass that can be used to make glass partitions for offices. Each of them has its advantages, which should be taken into account when choosing. You can find quality glass structures on the CommercialGlassPartitions.com online service. Visit it and make the right choice already today!