Advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students in education

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By Alisia Stren

Blogging has become a famous format on the internet. The past few years have seen a large number of bloggers using the internet as a medium to share their knowledge, insights, and thoughts.

Blogging does have its fair share of benefits and concrete challenges. It is a viable option for students to take up blogging as a side hustle. It is, yet, important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of blogging before you make a decision to start.

Advantages of blogging

Individual performance platform

If you choose to become a blogger, you will be an independent individual that is working on their terms and interest. You are free to choose the topics you wish to write about and the frequency. In short, the blog is your reflection of thoughts and being on the internet. You decide your work timing, standards, and delivery.

As a student, you may wonder about the disadvantages of blogging and try to figure out if it is a viable option for you. Before you start, you must understand the blogging disadvantages. You can start by looking at 500+ word essays on sociology on Samplius and see the construct and manner of the written work. During your education, you will be faced with many tasks. Blogging is one mainstream opportunity that students explore as they complete their education but continue after knowing the disadvantages of blogs.

Improves writing skill

There is no better way to improve your writing skills than practice. As a student, you can start an independent blog or work as a ghostwriter. The everyday practice will get you into the groove. And, as you move along, you will find yourself better equipped with writing skills. These developed writing skills will help you a great deal in college. It will help you put together better quality assignments.

Source of income

Blogging can be a good source of income for you while you are in college. Many students opt for writing projects that earn them extra money. As a college student, you will have a tight budget but a desire to do much more. If you are looking to become independent, then start blogging early on during your college days and reap the benefits it has to offer. You can choose the frequency of your blogging, and the income will depend on how much you work.

Creates positive work energy

It is important to inculcate work energy as after college, you will step into the working world. Blogging is a good way to get into the habit of working. Another advantage is that you have the benefit of choosing your clients. You get to decide your work timings and a working frequency that suits your schedule.

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Disadvantages of blogging

Structured and disciplined

You will need to have a structure to perform well with blogging. Any type of work demands discipline and planning. If you lack good planning, then it will not work out for you. With blogging, there is no set time or workflow. Hence, you will have to be structured in your approach to performing well.

Financial challenges

Unlike a part-time or full-time job, there is no fixed monthly income with blogging. The money you earn will depend on how much work you have been able to complete. As you might be studying, you will have to time and again focus on between study and work. Thus, there is a lack of a reliable income source.

There are no extra work benefits as you perform as an individual. In case of sickness, you will not be able to perform and hence lose the days on income. You can keep another source or a side job to manage your expenses. Blogging can be a rewarding but limiting course of income as well.

Lack of a network

You will work as a blogger or writer. This is more like a remote job, where it is you, research, and writing. Unlike other job scenarios, you may not have a boss or a team to work with. When one works in a team, there are more chances of building a network and connections. If you are determined to become a blogger, you will have to understand the working trend.


Blogging is a simple yet effective way to express your thoughts. It is a great medium for knowledge sharing. You can even start by first getting into a habit of reading. Then, you can progress towards writing and making it an income stream. You must keep patience as this is a time-consuming process.

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