Wildkats take on region-leading Tigers on Monday

Raymundo Frasquillo Photo/Gila Herald: Wildkats’ Kaylee Kempton (22), Aubrey Evans (10), Emily Kempton (14), Karly Coats (12), and Rachel Sumner (5) return to the court following a break in play. The Wildkats take on the Saint David Tigers Monday, Jan. 9.

By Raymundo Frasquillo

DUNCAN – The Eldon Merrell-coached Duncan Wildkats take on the Matt Brogan-coached Saint Tigers, on Monday, Jan. 9. Tip-off is 5:30 p.m. The Tigers are once-beaten and the Wildkats are at .500 during eight seeding games played by both teams thus far.

Also this week in region counters, Duncan hosts Elfrida Valley Union and San Simon visits Sells Baboquivari on Tuesday, Jan. 10; Patagonia visits San Simon on Wednesday, Jan. 11; and Baboquivari visits Patagonia and Saint David visits San Simon on Friday, Jan. 13.

In non-region pairings for region members, ASDB visits Patagonia and Bisbee visits Saint David on Jan. 12; Duncan visits Kearny Ray and Tucson’s The Gregory School visits San Simon (14) on Saturday, Jan. 14.

Tucson Southeast Region standings coming out of the weekend are Saint David (14-2 overall, 7-1 seeding, 1-0 region), Baboquivari (9-6, 5-2, 1-0), Patagonia (6-5, 4-1, 0-0), Duncan (5-10, 4-4, 0-0), Valley Union (1-7, 1-7, 0-2), and San Simon (7-5, 2-2, 0-0).

The remaining games for region members after this week include eight (3 region) for Valley Union, seven (4 region) for Duncan and Patagonia (3 region), six (3 region) for San Simon, four (1 region) for Saint David, and two in region play for Baboquivari.

Raymundo Frasquillo Photo/Gila Herald: Sophomore MacKenzie Richins (20) controls the ball, taking it up-court against Baboquivari.

1A State Rankings

There are 39 teams competing in the 1A ranks, with six in the Canyon, Copper, and Tucson Southeast Regions; five in the Tucson Northwest Region; and four apiece in the Central, East, North, and West Regions.

The initial statewide rankings, released at noon on Jan. 5, had three each from the Canyon, Copper, North, Tucson Southeast, and West Regions in the Top 16. The Tucson Northwest Region had the other one.

A day later, North Region Rock Point (9-0 seeding, 13.1580 rating) remained the top-ranked 1A team. 

Copper Region Joseph City remained second (6-1, 10.1178), Copper Region Fort Thomas remained third (7-1, 9.5745), Tucson Southeast Region Saint David remained fourth (7-1, 7.4241), Tucson Southeast Region Baboquivari moved up to fifth from sixth (5-2, 5.6183), Copper Region Dishchi’bikoh dropped to sixth from fifth (4-1, 4.5005), Canyon Region Williams remained seventh (4-1, 4.2407), and Tucson Northwest Region Tucson Desert Christian remained eighth (7-1, 3.8166).

Raymundo Frasquillo Photo/Gila Herald: Duncan junior Aubrey Evans (10) brings the ball across the half-court line during an earlier home game.

West Region Salome remained ninth (5-2, 2.8156), North Region Saint Michael moved up to 10th from 11th (4-4, 2.6828), North Region Teec Nos Pos Red Mesa moved up to 11th from 12th (6-3, 2.4018), Tucson Southeast Region Patagonia dropped to 12th from 10th (4-1, 2.2928), Canyon Region Grand Canyon moved up to 13th from 14th (4-3, 1.2417), West Region Wellton Antelope dropped to 14th from 13th (6-2, 1.0767), Canyon Region Colorado City El Capitan remained 15th (4-1, 1.0229), and West Region California Winterhaven San Pasqual remained 16th (4-1, 0.7997).

The other Tucson Southeast Region member rankings are 23rd for Duncan (minus 3.3373), 30th for Elfrida Valley Union (1-6, minus 7.7456), and 31st for San Simon (2-2, minus 8.1514).

Saint David Tigers

The 1A Tucson Southeast Region Tigers (14-2 overall, 7-1 seeding, 1-0 region) are averaging a 57-26 (916-417) score per game or a 31-point margin. The free throw percentage is 45 (33-73).

Saint David has wins of 65-28 over Morenci (Nov. 28), 69-15 over Tombstone (Nov. 30), 40-10 over Colorado City El Capitan (Dec. 1), 77-3 over Kearny ray (Dec. 1), 43-29 over Williams (Dec. 2), 53-20 over Ash Fork (Dec. 2), 70-53 over Williams (Dec. 3), 58-11 over San Manuel (Dec. 6), 69-13 over Tucson’s The Gregory School (Dec. 8), 45-30 over Salome (Dec. 9), 78-3 over Ray (Dec. 12), 61-52 over Miami (Dec. 19), 56-24 over Safford (Dec. 21), and 63-28 over Elfrida Valley Union (Jan. 4). The losses are 46-49 to Fort Thomas (Dec. 17) and 23-49 to Pima (Dec. 20).

Duncan Wildkats

Raymundo Frasquillo Photo/Gila Herald: Kaylee Kempton (22) attempts a high-percentage shot.

The 1A Tucson Southeast Region Wildkats (5-10, 4-4, 0-0) are averaging a 29-36 (30-544) score per game or a 7-point deficit. The free throw percentage is 32 (48-150).

Duncan has wins of 32-13 over Winkelman Hayden (Nov. 22), 48-14 over the Tucson Arizona School for the Deaf and the Blind (Dec. 1), 41-12 over San Simon (Dec. 8), 52-27 over San Manuel (Dec. 13), and 56-16 over Tucson’s The Gregory School (Jan. 5).

The losses are 15-36 to Tombstone (Nov. 18), 21-39 to Sells Baboquivari (Nov. 21), 13-46 to Joseph City (Nov. 21), 18-50 to Bisbee (Nov. 22), 26-43 to Baboquivari (Nov. 30), 33-36 to Tucson Desert Christian (Dec. 9), 23-52 to Fort Thomas (Dec. 15), 9-64 to Pima (Dec. 19), 13-57 to Miami (Dec. 20), and 30-49 to Morenci (Jan. 21).