Easy guide on connecting to McDonald’s Wi-Fi

Obviously, McDonald’s is a mecca for fast food lovers. It’s hardly a surprise since the restaurant offers a wide diversity of crunchy meals to make your taste buds rattle. And of course, we can’t help but mention the high-speed free Wi-Fi that brings McDonald’s even more points and sets it apart from other food chains. This guide reveals easy steps on how to set up your internet connection via various devices. But if you get into trouble, Howly experts are always ready to fix your problem and provide you with instant instructions on what to do if you can’t connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi. Now, let’s get started and puzzle things out.

Join McDonald’s network via Android & iPhone

According to statistics, the majority of McDonald’s visitors access its Wi-Fi network via their mobile devices. It’s quite convenient and hassle-free. Just take your Android or Apple phone and do the following:

  1. Head to Settings and locate the Wi-Fi section
  2. Spot the McDonald’s Wi-Fi on the list and hit it to join the network
  3. When the connection is established, you’ll notice the “Connected” status on your Android device, or the “Unsecured Network” status if you have an iPhone. 
  4. Access your preferred mobile browser and you’ll get to the web page with McDonald’s network settings
  5. Tap the big red button saying Get Connected and you’re done

Join McDonald’s network via Windows & Mac

Accessing the high-speed McDonald’s Wi-Fi is easy via PC, whether you have Windows or Mac OS. So here are the instructions to make the process smooth.

  1. Spot the Wi-Fi icon on the task panel and tap it (upper-right corner for Mac and lower-right corner for Windows). 
  2. Pick McDonald’s Wi-Fi and hit Connect
  3. Head to the browser, and you’ll be redirected to the web page with McDonald’s network settings
  4. Tap the red button saying Get Connected
  5. That’s all, check the connection by opening a new tab 

How to fix McDonald’s Wi-Fi problems

McDonald’s Wi-Fi network ensures unlimited internet traffic so you can do a piece of work or just watch movies while enjoying your cheesy Big Mac. And that’s great in our multi-tasking era when work (or entertainment) and launch typically go hand in hand. Although it’s pretty easy to connect to the network, people still face different problems and get confused about what could go wrong. If you’re among those lucky ones, there’s good news for you! Howly experts troubleshoot any issue joining McDonald’s Wi-Fi network in mere minutes. You can get in touch with a certified specialist on howly.com – enter your message right in the chat window and get an instant response 24/7!