Why Arizona is fast becoming a foodie paradise: What to eat and where to eat it

Thanks to all the cuisine options in the US, there’s no reason any foodie in the country should get bored or run out of options for the next foodie road trip. Still, some of the food trends that pop up may be surprising. Does Arizona really have enough to offer that it should be on foodies’ lists of top places to visit this year?

Yes! Absolutely.

With unique flavors, multiple influences, and many dishes that get 5-star reviews, there are places worth visiting across the state. We compiled a summary of all you need to know to determine if this state aligns with your foodie loves. Use it to help plan your next culinary expedition.

Why is Arizona so attractive for Foodies?

Even as a curious and open-minded foodie, you may have culinary preferences that determine whether you give a specific meal or eatery a thumbs up or a thumbs down. The following features of the Arizona food and hospitality industry will give you a good idea if it has offerings that you’ll enjoy.

Locally sourced ingredients

Many customers who sit down on the state’s restaurant chairs have the privilege of tasting ingredients that didn’t travel far before reaching an eatery’s kitchen. This is thanks to the state’s many established agricultural areas that provide restaurants with fresh produce.

The wide range caters to different Foodies

Many will be aware of Arizona’s Mexican influences that reflect in local cuisine. But that’s not where it ends. You’re just as likely to get a big juicy cowboy steak of the highest quality as you are to find spicy burritos. At the same time, there’s French cuisine that will impress even the pickiest of food critics. And in cities like Phoenix, you’ll get eateries offering various types of cuisine, all of the exceptional quality.

You can opt for the rich food of Mexico, but if you need an artisan loaf for a simple meal, you’ll easily find that too. Therefore, no matter what your palate prefers, there might be something worth discovering in Arizona. And it’s worth traveling to Arizona for treats like Mesquite Flour Bread since many eateries use grains you won’t easily find in other states. 

Amazing backdrops, locations, and environments

Of course, it’s not only the food that determines your experience during a meal. A beautiful backdrop, a stunning view, and the theme of a venue all add to the moment. And luckily, there’s no shortage of stunning places to have your Arizona meals in.

For one thing, you can pick whether you want to dine in Arizona’s desert areas or rather opt for a busy city. Whether you want solitude and quiet or the buzz of modern industry around you, you’ll find the ideal environment. There are even vineyards that have been operating in the state for centuries, and they host tastings. So, for both food and drink, you’ll have multiple options that offer something unique to Arizona.

And don’t forget about events like food festivals and fairs that help locals showcase the best cuisine of their culture. These gatherings take place throughout the year, so foodies can plan a visit to the state at any time. 

The people

Part of the reason why you can have so many different food outlets in one state, all delivering high-quality dishes, is the cultural diversity. You’ll find people with different backgrounds who are all passionate about the food traditions of their culture.

Some of these individuals are excellent chefs and cooks that dare to open independently owned-restaurants. As a result, foodies get the opportunity to taste their dishes without the threat of established restaurant chains altering the recipes to suit their menus.

Passionate local Foodies

Even the state’s own foodies help to make it a paradise to explore. Thanks to multiple Arizona locals having food blogs with informative articles, you can quickly discover where the best places are to book your upcoming meals.

What food is Arizona famous for?

Now, before you plan your food adventure, familiarize yourself with what you can expect on eatery menus. Knowing a bit more about the local cuisine will ensure you don’t miss out on the must-haves.

Here’s a top-10 list:

  • Chimichangas
  • Cowboy steak
  • Sonoran hot dogs
  • Ranch fries
  • Mesquite flour bread
  • Crepes with duck, almond, and fig filling
  • Green corn tamales
  • Native American fry bread tacos
  • Tri-tip steak sandwich
  • Elotes

Top restaurant picks in Arizona

Of course, in a big state like Arizona, there are thousands of restaurants to pick from, and you can pick one based on your food and flavor preferences. However, some restaurants deserve a special mention. For example, there’s El Charro Cafe, where chimichangas were invented by accident when someone dropped a burrito in a deep fryer. Also, many food experts will mention Kai which is located at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass.

For variety all in one place, try the Phoenician located at the bottom of Camelback Mountain. At this resort, you can pick from eight restaurants offering top-quality food while you enjoy the views of nature as a backdrop.

Final thoughts

With all these characteristics, it’s no wonder that an Arizona city, Tucson, is on UNESCO’s list of Creative Cities of Gastronomy. That’s just more proof that it’s time you head out and discover the state’s foodie secrets for yourself, don’t you think?