The ultimate guide to Leiebil in Kristiansand

Renting a car has become the standard traveling procedure, as people enjoy the convenience and comfort this service provides. No cab fares to pay, no bus and train schedules to follow, and no need to worry about being late somewhere and not sticking to your own schedule. Plus, you get the freedom to explore the city you’re visiting, as well as the entire country if you feel like it. Driving to destinations you want to visit provides you with the opportunity to be much more flexible with your schedule, especially if you don’t have strict plans and you just want to explore those nice places whenever you feel like it. Renting provides that flexibility.

Whether you’re feeling adventurous and ready to explore Kristiansand or other parts of Norway for that matter, or you’re there on business and need to ensure that you’re always on time for important meetings, renting a car will put your mind at ease, helping you meet any of those goals. If you’re a first-time visitor, or if you’ve never rented a car before in your life, then you’ll definitely need a guide on how to do this correctly in Kristiansand. Rules may not be the same as in other places, and you may not be used to those rules at all. Understanding the rules, the requirements, and basically, the ins and outs of renting in Kristiansand will make your stay there that more pleasant, while also allowing you to save some money on the rental fees.

Since I’ve mentioned saving money, this could help with that as well: 

Actually booking the car is the easy part, and so is driving it. Knowing how to stick to the rules and knowing what to do before booking at all is the trickier, and the more important, part. Learning about that important part before actually arriving in Kristiansand and thus having to book your car quickly upon your arrival so as to have your means of transportation, is certainly the best thing to do. There are things to know and things to always keep in mind, and the guide I’ll provide you with below will cover most of those, getting you prepared for your car rental process in Norway.

Age requirements

Age requirements are the first to consider, and 19 is the minimum threshold. Although, some companies may be reluctant to rent out to younger drivers, which is why this limit can sometimes even be higher. Nevertheless, 19 is usually the lower limit, so if you’re that old, or older, you can count on being able to find a rental car for you in Kristiansand. Another age requirement to remember is that children under the age of 4 all need to be in a safety seat.

There’s a young driver surcharge

Given that some companies may be reluctant to provide young people with leiebil services, as they’re worried about damage to the vehicle, they’ve found a way to keep themselves better protected. In short, they charge a young driver fee for people under the age of 25. Naturally, not all companies charge that fee, but most do, so knowing about it and being prepared if you’re younger than 25 is important, as you’ll know what to expect fee-wise, and thus how to plan your budget accordingly.

License requirements

License requirements are, of course, not to be ignored either. Since the minimum renting age is 19, and you can get your license at 18 in most parts of the world, you can probably assume what kinds of license requirements are in place when using the leiebil services in Norway. Basically, you need to have had your license for at least a year before you can expect to be eligible for this service. This is a safety measure, as driving in a new place without having much experience can often be frightening and not so pleasant, so at least one year of driving experience should get you more comfortable and ready to use your driving skills in a new country. And, of course, it’s also a measure that better protects the companies, as there are lower risks of damage to the vehicle if you have driving experience.

Regular Vs. Electric

Regular two-wheel cars will get you pretty much anywhere in Norway, so accessibility is nothing to worry about, and they are the most popular rental option. You do, however, have a few more options when using the leiebil option in this country, starting with the electric car. Don’t be surprised when you see so many of them in Norway, because the government has taken initiative and subsidized the purchase of these vehicles, while also offering two years of free charging after the purchase. Plenty of charging stations across the country will allow you to easily travel green if that’s what you want. This decision depends on people’s personal preferences, so think about yours and then choose which one to rent.

Other types

Considering different types, i.e. different vehicle categories, before deciding on which one you want, is also significant, and Kristiansand has a lot to offer in that regard. You can rent SUVs and even RVs if you’re up for such an adventure. Depending on the weather, your traveling companions, and your driving abilities of course, you can go for any of those vehicle types, beginning with a medium-sized one that’s perfect for family trips and ending with SUVs that are great for going on a winter adventure and perhaps exploring some of the mountains. So as to decide that, though, you’ll probably first need to learn more about what you can do in Kristiansand.

Remember toll roads and ferries

Toll roads and ferries are rather common across Norway, and figuring out if toll passes and ferry fees are added to the price of your leiebil service is important, so as to know precisely what to expect. Usually, the company will be billed for all the tolls and ferry charges you’ve made and then you’ll get a report and a summary of all the fees that have to be added to your total payment once you return the car. Thankfully, as toll roads and ferries are so common, those fees won’t be high. So, enjoy your ride, and don’t worry about those!

Rental location matters

It matters which car you rent, but it also matters where you rent it, as some places are more expensive than others. And, no, I’m not referring solely to the idea of choosing the right company for this, although that’s quite a huge part of the process, as working with a great company will keep the fees to a minimum, as well as ensure your safety by providing you with a great vehicle. Another thing to consider, though. Airport rental fees tend to be higher than others, and avoiding them if you can is the best move. Renting somewhere else will keep the price reasonable.

Insurance also impacts the price

The location alone is not enough to keep the price down. Insurance also impacts it, and what most people don’t understand is that getting it is not always necessary. Paying with credit cards that automatically add insurance to the price eliminates the necessity of paying for it additionally. So, if you don’t want to pay twice for the same thing, and I’m absolutely sure you don’t, checking this before making any concrete agreements is definitely of utmost significance.

And so do certain extras

Some extras, such as car seats for children, GPS, and similar, can also be added to your rental car, but they do cost a bit more. Most of the time, though, you won’t need those extras, except if you’re, for instance, unable to bring your own car seat for your child. GPS, of course, is something we all have on our phones nowadays, so knowing how to use it will have you avoid paying an additional fee for it to the rental company.

Park smartly

No leiebilguiden will be complete without explaining the parking options, since you’re probably worried about those, especially if you come from a country in which parking is always a huge issue. In Kristiansand, you’ll certainly have a lot of good parking options, but it would be a good idea to check those out before deciding on one, because different parking places will charge different fees, and those could even range from $1 to $5 per hour. Checking them out first and then finding one that works for you both location-wise and money-wise is the best move.

Follow the driving rules and beware of country restrictions

Driving rules, such as driving on the right-hand side, giving way to your left at roundabouts, speed limits, and similar, also have to be considered in advance and strictly followed after sitting behind the wheel. Furthermore, if you’re planning on leaving the country with the rented car, remember to inquire if that’s allowed, as well as which countries are available and which ones you won’t be able to go to. The restrictions will be explained to you by the rental company.