Sign up now for Pioneer Days sports contests

Contributed Photo: Do you have what it takes to beat the likes of these champions? The deadline to register for the Pioneer Days sports events is Tuesday, July 18.

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Gila Valley sports lovers: the Pioneer Days celebration will include pickleball, volleyball, and 3 on 3 basketball.


When?  Friday, July 21st from 6 – 9 a.m. ….  Mixed Doubles

              Saturday, July 22nd  from 6 – 9 a.m. ….  Men’s doubles, & Ladies doubles

Where?   Thatcher High School  tennis courts

What type of tournament?  Several round-robin games, then a single elimination tournament.

Mixed Doubles (Friday), Men’s Doubles, & Ladies’ Doubles  (Saturday)

Division 1:  Age 50 & over  (on Sept. 1, 2023)

Division 2:  Age 49 & younger  (on Sept. 1, 2023)

(Note:  There’s a maximum of 16 teams in each division …. FIRST 16 TEAMS TO REGISTER …..    (Questions: Call Chris Cook at (928) 322-2799)

Cost?   $30 per team

Co-ed Volleyball

When?   Saturday, July 22nd  from 8 a.m. – Noon 

Where?   Games will be played in several local school gyms. 

What type of tournament? There will be approx. 3 hours of round-robin play, then a single-elimination tourney.   (Must have at least 3 gals on the court at all times, and a gal needs to hit it before it goes over.)

Cost?   Only $50 per TEAM!  The games are 6 on 6, but you can have 8 on your team.  (Only one needs to register the team.  There’s no roster required.)

Who can play?  There will be 3 divisions …  “A” – “More competitive”  (Note: Former JC, major college, pro-VB players have to play in this division.  For exceptions –  clear with Mel Palmer at (480) 861-6814)   “B” – “Less competitive”   “C”-“Recreational”  (Must be 14 yrs old or older.)

How do I sign up?   Go to: (Just one on the team needs to sign up.) 

Registration Deadline?   Tuesday, July 18th, 5 p.m.  (Questions:  Call Mel Palmer at (480) 861-6814)

3 on 3 Basketball

When? Saturday,  July 22nd   (1 – 5 p.m.) 

Where?   Various Gila Valley School  gyms

Who?   Four divisions:  “Open,”   “17 & Under,”  “13 & Under,”  “10 & Under.” 

                     (Divisions with age limits are determined by their age before Sept 1, 2023.)

Cost?   Per team:  $25 – Age 10&U  /  $30 – 13&U  /  $35 – 17 & U  /  $50 – OPEN

Limitations?  (1) Can have up to 4 players/team. (Questions:  Call Mel Palmer at (480) 861-6814)

Type of Tournament? The first few hours will be “Round Robin,” and then there will be a single-elimination tournament at the end!  (Everyone will get in plenty of basketball!)

How to register:  Go to (Deadline to register: July 18th, 5 p.m.)