More abandoned dogs picked up by Safford Animal Control

Jon Johnson File Photo/Gila Herald: Safford Animal Control picked up more abandoned dogs left after a renter moved from a residence. 

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – Another set of dogs abandoned by a renter was picked up by Safford Animal Control on Sept. 24.

Officer Randy Damron was dispatched to a residence on W. 6th Ave. after the owner advised his former tenant had left the residence without taking his two pit bull terriers. The owner said he didn’t know where the renter, Benjamin Torres, 41, went and believed he might be looking at possibly being incarcerated. Torres had a petition to revoke his probation for possession of drug paraphernalia filed Aug. 21 and a judgment was issued Sept. 27 in which he was given a term of 10 months in the Arizona Department of Corrections. 

Damron located the dogs at the residence and said they appeared to be friendly to people but aggressive toward each other.

Damron reported the dogs had tight collars attached to chains and that the collars were choking them. After cutting the collars off, Damron loaded the dogs into his truck and took them to the Graham County Animal Shelter. He said while the dogs appeared friendly to people they were aggressive toward other dogs. 

Damron noted that if Torres comes forward he will be given citations for having aggressive dogs and abandoning them.

A previous case of dog abandonment from a residence on E. 7th Street Sept. 5 ended up with at least two of the dogs deceased at the residence. (See Gila Herald ‘Last abandoned dog found dead after renters were evicted.)