JustServe supports community

Contributed Photo/Courtesy JustServe: The JustServe community resource helps bring together volunteers and service organizations.

By Jon Johnson


GRAHAM AND GREENLEE COUNTIES – The JustServe community resource brings sponsoring organizations and volunteers together for the betterment of our communities.

The service is found at justserve.org, where everyone can cooperate to get on the same page for various service opportunities.

In the Duncan area, Katrina Lunt is the local website manager for her area and said it is a wonderous source that enables groups to be quickly notified of service projects and scheduling purposes.

Setting up an account on justserve.org is easy to do for both volunteers and service organizations. During the process, volunteers can select what areas of interest they have, and whenever an updated project comes out they will be notified by email advising of the new project. The volunteer can then click to register to help with the project.

Contributed Photo/Courtesy JustServe

Doing projects through justserve.org is also a great way to consolidate communications between groups and volunteers, as updates are emailed to everyone interested in the project instead of organizers having to contact each volunteer individually.

The saying is it takes a village to raise a child, and through justserve.org, helping the community becomes that much easier.

For those in Greenlee County who have more questions or would like more information regarding justserve.org, call Katrina Lunt at (575) 518-8237 or email at katrinazoelunt@gmail.com.

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