Gila Valley Adventure Club to hold ‘light up ride’

Contributed Photo: The Gila Valley Adventure Club will meet for a light-up UTV off-road ride on Saturday.

SAFFORD – The Graham County Chamber of Commerce is excited to invite the community to the December Gila Valley Adventure Club meeting – light up and ride, Saturday, Dec. 17, starting at 5 p.m. at The Way Church – Safford.  

The Gila Valley Adventure Club is a group of people committed to learning about the community, making new connections, and having fun. Gathering at various locations, the Gila Valley Adventure Club has camped on Mount Graham, spent an evening at the Eastern Arizona Museum in Pima, and stargazed at Roper Lake State Park. 

December’s Gila Valley Adventure will include an all-terrain vehicle joy ride. Attendees meet at The Way Church in Safford at 555 Entertainment Ave. at 5 p.m. Bring your decorated all-terrain vehicle and join in the fun of going for a festive ride.  

“I love going out and hearing about all your favorite places in the Gila Valley, and experiencing all of these outings,” said Kay Marchione, director of the Adventure Club. “Next year we have a whole bunch of activities planned for the club too.  I work in tourism so I want to learn from you what your favorite places are in the Gila Valley. Let’s get together and have some fun!” 

For more information about the Gila Valley Adventure Club visit or call the Graham County Chamber of Commerce at (928) 428-2511.