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Editors note: This is a new feature where our readers can submit their investing or economic questions to author and investment guru Natalie Pace.

I make more money than guys my age.  So, should I pick up the check?

 Dear Natalie:  At the age of 27, I have an MBA from Wharton and a great job earning more money than most guys my age. So, should I pick up the check when we go out to dinner? My mom says, “No,” and my friends say, “Sometimes.”  Who is right? And if I should pick up the check sometimes, when?  Acckkk!  I don’t want to emasculate my man, but as the “richer” person, I feel as though I should be paying.  Help!  – Rich and Clueless

Dear Rich and Clueless:

Throughout history, there have been women who are richer than their spouses and pick up the check on almost everything. It really boils down to what kind of relationship you want to have. Are you more of a Queen Elizabeth, a Meghan Markle or a Duchess of Cambridge (Princess Catherine)? Are you a girl who picks up, a girl who shares or a girl who gets spoiled by her Prince?

The Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Phillip) has been described as a “penniless exile” before marrying Queen Elizabeth (then Princess Elizabeth). Queen Elizabeth has always picked up the tab, and in exchange, she has had a loyal companion and confidante for the past 71 years! The Duchess of Cambridge (Princess Kate) was a multi-millionaire before marrying The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William). It is possible that Kate Middleton and/or her family have picked up the tab on many occasions. Prince William has enjoyed many holidays with the Middletons. As an actress, Meghan Markle was earning about $450,000 per year for Suits – a decent salary for that profession. She may occasionally pick up the check, too. However, Prince Harry, with an estimated net worth of $25 million, is likely doing the bulk of the spoiling for his Dream Princess.

We have great examples that no matter what your net worth, or whether you pick up the check, the real question is who are you dating and how suitable are they for you. That is a question that family members and friends might have great insight into, if you ask them, especially if love or infatuation has blinded you. You want to see beyond the butterflies and rainbows, and really understand the deeper soul connection that you might have with the person you are dating. That’s a question I would poll with people I admire, rather than whether or not I should pick up the check. Do be aware, however, that when you do pick up the check all of the time, and if he lets you, that is setting a precedent for how life will be throughout your lives together… Be sure that you’re okay with that before you establish the habit.

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