Around the world – legal gambling age

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You might have wondered at what age you can gamble legally around the world, whether you are planning to visit some of these places or you are just interested in the different gambling age restrictions around the world. If that’s the case,  then this article is for you. Every country has its own laws and the legal gambling age is unique to each country. While it would be hard for us to go over every country we have picked a few that we think you will be interested in.

Keep on reading to find out the legal gambling age for some of the biggest gambling markets around the world. 

The United States

While we associate the U.S. and gambling with Las Vegas this is not the only gambling destination that attracts gamblers to the U.S. What is unique to the U.S. is that the legal gambling age differs from state to state, so while in some states you have to be 21 in others you can already legally gamble at the age of 18. The legal gambling age in the U.S. and in other English-speaking countries is not a one-size-fits-all, and you should learn about the legal gambling age across English-speaking countries if you plan to gamble in any of these countries.

The United Kingdom

Gambling is common and quite acceptable in the UK, you can find various betting advertisements that encourage people to bet on their favorite sport. In the UK, you must be 18 years old to gamble.

It is applicable to most types of gambling, including casinos, racetracks, betting shops, bingo halls, and online casinos.

The exception to this used to be the National Lottery and other lotteries where you could buy a ticket at the age of 16, however that has also been moved up to 18 years old.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a world-famous gambling destination, it is famous for its casinos and luxury. The second smallest country in the world is a hotspot for the rich and famous. From mega yachts to supercars, you could say Monte Carlo has it all. To gamble at one of the most famous casinos in the world, Casino de Monte Carlo, you have to be 18 years old. Make sure to dress appropriately when you visit since shorts, flip-flops, and similar clothing items are not permitted. Smart jackets are recommended after 8 p.m. at the casino.

There is a minimum bet of €5 at Casino de Monte Carlo and a maximum bet of €2,000. Alternatively, you may take your game to a private room where maximum bets are not capped if you desire. 


Macau is another famous gambling destination. The casinos of Macau attract the richest players from around the world. The luxury hotels, amazing restaurants, and renowned casinos make Macau one of the most attractive destinations. It is no wonder that casinos are the foundation of Macau’s tourism economy.

Macau Palace Casino and Hotel Lisboa Casino are just two popular casinos in the region, and neither charges an entry fee. However there is a dress code in all of Macau’s casinos, so make sure to dress accordingly.

The dress code consists of smart clothes like a suit for men and formal dresses for women.

It is legal to gamble in Macau if you are 21 years old or older.

It is also essential that you have the correct currency on hand. Unless you’ve already done so, you can exchange your money for Hong Kong Dollars and Macau Patacas at the casinos or at nearby banks.

In the casino, you will find all the games you love, such as roulette, blackjack, and poker. 

If you plan to visit a casino anywhere in the world, make sure you know the country’s legal gambling age beforehand. Remember to also read about the dress code of the casino you are planning to visit to avoid any uncomfortable situations.