Rebecca “Dolly” Alta Lopez

Rebecca ” Dolly” Alta Lopez, also known as Dolly, passed on October 13, 2022.

She was born in Clifton, Arizona, where she went to elementary school and high school. Dolly was a gifted musician. She played the piano and had an incredible soprano voice.

She was married to Raymond Lopez and had three children, Ron, Arnold, and Debbie. Dolly was an amazing homemaker, especially in the cooking department. She was well known for her Mexican food. She also worked for the Solomonville School for 20 years.

Rebecca “Dolly” Alta Lopez

Dolly was an avid volunteer in the community. She was the church organist and soloist at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Solomon for many years. She taught Catechism and volunteered for many fundraisers at the church.

Dolly was widowed at the age of 44. Later in life, she married for a second time to Edward Montoya, of Clifton, and was happily married for another 20 years. After being widowed for a second time, she enjoyed her home and her friends and family. Dolly was living in Phoenix with her son, Arnold, and
his husband, Michael, when she passed. She was surrounded by her immediate family and the three little dogs, Ricky, Lucy, and Freddie who kept her company daily.

Dolly is survived by her sons, Ron Lopez, and Arnold Lopez; her daughter, Debbie Lopez, and her three
grandchildren, Laura Lopez, Matt Lopez, and Michael Lopez.

Arrangements are being cared for by McDougal’s Caldwell Funeral Chapel & Gila Valley Crematory located at 112 E. Main St., Safford, AZ  85546, 928-428-1740,

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