8 fashion trends to shop for this winter

While the temperatures remain the same, the winter months are different for everyone. Some people love the snow and the holidays that accompany this season, while others would rather hibernate until the temperatures start rising. Some appreciate the wintry dressing that accompanies this season. Those in the latter group can appreciate that there are a lot of upcoming and continuing fashion trends that can lead to some very interesting winter attire. Many of these trends also ensure you remain warm while looking stylish, which is crucial when the temperatures fall.

Y2K fashion

Fashion is circular and this is why fashion from the past keeps coming back. This year, you can expect to see more Y2K (the late 90s and early 2000s) fashion. This includes knee-length boots paired with miniskirts as fall transitions to winter, and oversized jackets and puffer jackets as temperatures fall. Tracksuits, low-waist denim, tank tops, and bandana tops are also making a comeback.

This trend will also come with the other aesthetics associated with the period such as bubble gum pink, wide-leg denim trousers, and metallic clothes. We have already seen these trends on various fashion shows this year, and their resurgence is thought to be due to players in the fashion industry appealing to millennials as these are the fashion trends they grew up with.


The traditional winter layering will be alive and well this year, but you will also likely see another type of layering. The typical winter layering includes putting on layers of clothing that keep you warm. The latter includes layering different types of clothes to build an aesthetic.

Wearing clothes on top of other clothes, both drastically different is something we are already seeing. Take wearing turtlenecks under dresses. While this might be seen as more of a summer look, it also works as we transition from fall into winter where adding a jacket or coat over this ensemble leads to a stylish look.


Maxi clothing, mainly dresses, was all the rage a few years back, especially in the warmer months as they were both stylish and freeing. With the resurgence of 90s fashion trends, we are starting to see the resurgence of maxis, especially dresses and trousers.

There is no better time to cover up than winter and fashion designers and different brands like Max Mara are helping bring back this trend and modernize it for 2022. Apart from their maxi dresses, you can also shop for other womenswear from Max Mara including coats, jackets and boots suited for the coming colder weather.


Monochrome has been coming around for some time now, and we can expect it to grow in popularity especially as people refine their winter looks. Wearing black from top to bottom is a great aesthetic that works in a lot of situations.

Fashion designers have already seen this trend coming, and you can now find monochrome items from clothes to shoes and accessories in a single color. If you would like some differentiation, you could try different textures of a single color on your outfit to produce interesting results.

Bright hues

On the other side of the spectrum and following the resurgence of 90s fashion is electric hues. While dark and monochrome looks can work for a lot of people in the winter, some people are abandoning this and turning this trend around.

Some interesting colors following this trend are shades of green, yellow, or red that fashion designers can combine to create incredible results. Designers are using a single color for the main hue and add another one sparingly for a subtle pop of color.

Tailored suits and fits

Tailored garments will never go out of fashion. This trend has been around the whole of this year, and it is set to pick up as more people opt for warm, practical, and stylish clothing. Fitted clothing is a great option because you can wear it to the office and transition into the evening if you are attending a party or even have an office Christmas party after work. Skirt suits and three-piece suits are looking like a very strong trend this winter, especially at the start.


Corsets were very popular this summer because they gave that cinched look without having to wear a belt. Even as the temperatures fall, this trend is not going away; many people will just layer it underneath. Corset detailing is evident in many clothes and is being used in different fabrics, fits, and styles. These range from strapless, to long sleeve and bustier styles.

Chunky boots

Chunky boots have been trending for some time and, because they are also practical for the winter, they are about to become even more popular. They are practical, provide enough traction, and can withstand the wet conditions associated with winter.

Shopping for winter attire does not mean only shopping for drab pieces. You can follow the trends discussed above to fill your wardrobe with practical winter clothing that still looks stylish and amazing.