Uncared for dogs die after being picked up by Safford Animal Control

Jon Johnson File Photo/Gila Herald: Two uncared for dogs died shortly after being placed in a Safford Animal Control vehicle.

By Jon Johnson


SAFFORD – Two dogs left abandoned to fend for themselves confined in a yard after their owner passed away died themselves shortly after being taken into custody by Safford Animal Control. 

According to a report by Safford Animal Control officer Randy Damron, he was dispatched at about 12:25 p.m. to a residence on Tucson Street regarding removing the dogs. The reporting party said they were family members of the dogs’ owner who had passed away. 

According to the report, the family members said another man was supposed to be looking after the dogs but apparently was not. They advised that they had checked on the dogs previously and discovered two dead puppies in the yard. 

Days later, the family members called County Dispatch to advise that the dogs were not being fed or watered and were getting sick and would likely soon die in the yard. 

As officer Damron began loading the dogs into his truck, they began to have “some kind of seizures”, according to his report. 

He then informed the family members that he believed by the way the dogs were acting they would soon be deceased. Damron also inquired why they didn’t call Animal Control sooner, and the family members allegedly stated that another man was taking care of them but he had left town. 

As officer Damron began to drive away he reported hearing a noise in the back of his truck. He pulled over and discovered one of the dogs had died and the other was having a seizure. After the shaking stopped, that dog died as well. 

Damron reported that the dogs had become the responsibility of the family members when the owner died and questioned why they didn’t call for assistance sooner. He then disposed of the dogs.