Tucson meth dealer arrested in Safford

A Tucson meth dealer and her acquaintance were arrested and booked into the Graham County Adult Detention Facility after being pulled over for a traffic infraction upon leaving the Economy Inn.

By Jon Johnson


SAFFORD – A Tucson woman who allegedly admitted to dealing methamphetamine was arrested and booked into the Graham County Adult Detention Facility on Aug. 19.

Regina Moody, 25, was booked on charges of possession of a dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia, and a warrant and on a drug paraphernalia warrant out of Tucson with a $999 bond.

Contributed Photo/Courtesy GCSO: Regina Moody

Moody’s acquaintance, Marcus Borjon, 39, was booked into the jail on a possession of drug paraphernalia charge. Borjon also had a felony warrant out of Texas for possession of a controlled substance.

The couple drew the attention of a Safford Police officer the evening of Aug. 17, when he noticed them leave the parking lot of the Economy Inn at 225 E. U.S. Highway 70 at about 10:44 p.m. in a white, 2007 Hyundai passenger car. The officer noticed the car change lanes several times and then initiated a traffic stop after the vehicle changed lanes within 100 feet of a traffic light.

Contributed Photo/Courtesy GCSO: Marcus Borjon

Borjon and Moody advised they were in town to visit Borjon’s aunt who is sick with cancer. A subsequent search of the vehicle yielded a glass meth pipe in the center console, and Moody advised she had the actual drug back in her motel room. Borjon advised he was the renter of the motel room and that there were no drugs inside. He also denied responsibility for the pipe.

After obtaining a warrant, officers searched the motel room and located approximately 3 grams of meth. Moody said the meth and pipe were hers and that she had been selling meth for a few months. An examination of her cell phone showed various details of drug transactions, according to the report.

Moody also advised that while she sells meth she doesn’t sell heroin but instead only procures it for her friends. Moody and Borjon were then transported to the jail and booked on the charges listed above.