Streakers terrorize commuters

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – At least one woman was disturbed Sunday, Oct. 7, at the sight of two naked men making obscene gestures to vehicles in the area of 20th Avenue and Relation Street.

An officer was dispatched to the area at about 5:50 p.m. but did not locate the men.

The reporting party informed the officer that she had seen the men along the southern side of Relation Street by the stop sign. She said one man turned and ran to a house on the corner while the other man stayed and was “flipping cars off and shaking his torso.” The reporting party said a woman was standing by the house with her arms crossed.

The officer asked the reporting party if she could describe the men, and while it was raining and she couldn’t see that well she said one of the men had a balding or closely trimmed head of hair and a light beard.

Officers responded to the corner house and located two males and a female and noted that one of the men and the woman appeared to be extremely intoxicated.

One of the men was dressed only in a pair of red boxer shorts and behaved in a belligerent manner to the officers, according to a Safford Police report. He allegedly denied streaking but told the officers he could if they wanted him to do so. The male had a closely buzzed haircut and a goatee but also had a large swastika tattoo on his chest along with SS and other tattoos. The reporting party did not mention the man she saw had any tattoos.

Due to not having a distinct description of the men, the officer asked the woman and other man to take the belligerent man back inside his house and no further action was taken.