SAR rescues injured hunter

Jon Johnson File Photo/Gila Herald: The Graham County Search and Rescue Team carried an injured hunter out of the wilderness to awaiting paramedics.

By Jon Johnson

KLONDYKE – Elation turned to tragedy for a hunter on Friday, Nov. 15, when she became injured in the Klondyke wilderness while hunting. 

According to a  Graham County Sheriff’s Office report, Christi Taylor had just shot the biggest buck of her life and while attempting to reach the deer slipped on some rocks and fell, breaking her leg. Taylor was hunting with her husband, who called 911 after the accident.  

A deputy was dispatched at about 6:37 p.m. to Klondyke Road and Buford Wash Ranch Road to assist Lifeline Ambulance. Once the deputy received the coordinates of the injured hunter, he plotted her location to be roughly six miles west of the intersection of Klondyke Road and Bonita/Klondyke Road. 

The Graham County Search and Rescue Team was also dispatched and the deputy advised that they soon could see a light from Taylor’s husband roughly 1.5 to two miles to the north of the road. 

SAR Team 1 was sent to recover Taylor at about 9:45 p.m. and made contact at about 10 p.m., according to the report. The group then carried Taylor out of the wilderness and back to Klondyke Road and made it to the awaiting ambulance at about 11:34 p.m. 

Lifeline Ambulance then transported Taylor to the Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center for treatment. All SAR personnel were accounted for and completed the rescue without injury.