Public invited to Sacred Heart ‘excellent’ enchilada dinner fundraiser February 28

“Vamos a Comer” or “Let’s Go Eat.” The message is clear on a flyer inviting folks to eat at the Friday, Feb. 28, Sacred Heart Parish enchilada dinner fundraiser. It will be held at the parish hall in Clifton from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. The cost is $8 per plate.

By Walt Mares

 CLIFTON – It should be no wonder that many people have called them “excellent,” because that is what they are.

After all, they are homemade by moms of the Sacred Heart Catholic Parish in Clifton. The only difference is the enchiladas will be cooked at the parish hall instead of private homes. That will not make any difference in the quality of the food. Besides, the hall has a very good kitchen.

Enchiladas will be sold this Friday, Feb. 28, from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., as a parish fundraiser. The event will be at the parish hall on Coronado Blvd. (U.S 191). The hall is well marked and is only a couple of doors down from the Clifton Town Hall.

The cost per plate is $8. That includes three enchiladas, beans, rice, and a drink. Customers can dine in at the hall or call for takeout orders at (928) 865-3497. Deliveries will not be available. 

During previous parish enchilada fundraisers, several customers have rated the food as “excellent”, and well worth the money. The proceeds go to a very good cause.

The parish is more than 100 years old and the church building, located on historic Chase Creek, is in itself historic. It is where countless weddings, baptisms, fun first communions, confirmations, funerals, and other deeply personal religious events have been held.

“Of course, Sacred Heart Parish is something that parishioners hold dear in their hearts. But anybody is welcome to attend our church,’ said one parishioner. 

“As for the enchilada fundraiser, people do not have to share our faith to enjoy a very good meal. The public is welcome and no doubt they will be glad they did. The enchiladas are always excellent and the people there are always friendly. That’s the way it should be.

The dinners have also been something of an occasion for reunions. There are often situations where people who have not seen each other, perhaps for months, are afforded an opportunity to touch base with each other. There are instances in which some folks who have moved out of town return to Clifton to participate in the fundraiser and see old friends.