Pleated Blinds: Options with advantages for summer and winter

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There are many different types of interior shades out there, but our favorite is still pleated shades. This modern interior awning model is available in several types, sizes, colors, and accessories. Contrary to what many people think, pleated blinds are very functional all year round.

This blog will walk you through the many benefits of pleated blinds to help you choose the window covering that matches your interior style.

Honeycomb Pleated Blinds

With pleated blinds, you have the choice of single or double fabric. Double fabric pleated blinds have a shape that resembles a honeycomb structure. This structure insulates your house very well. The double structure creates a static air between the two layers of fabric.

This way, the warm air stays inside during the winter, and the hot air stays outside in the summer.

Honeycomb pleated blinds can reduce heat loss through the window by up to 25%. They are, therefore, an ideal choice, both for your comfort and your wallet!

Provides Insulation

Not all pleated blinds have a honeycomb structure. You can also choose pleated blinds with a single fabric. Fortunately, they also have an insulating effect, albeit to a lesser extent. The unique fabric and the silver material of which the curtain is made, in any case, insulate your home enough to save a little on your energy bill.

In addition to the temperature, a pleated curtain also intercepts some of the noise from outside. Plus, pleated shades trap a lot of incoming harmful UV rays.

Top-Down-Bottom-Up Function

Up down blinds are also ideal for living rooms. The top-down-bottom-up function is recommended! This function opens and closes the top and bottom pleated blinds. This way, you can adjust the position to suit your living space. Combine and determine the amount of light and privacy in your home!

Ease of Use

Pleated blinds are easy to use. In addition to a cord to operate your awning, you can also choose the electric version.

With an electric blind, you can open and close your pleated blind using a remote control. Today, technology goes even further. You can also operate the pleated blinds with your smartphone, even when you are not at home.

The biggest advantage of pleated blinds is the safety of the child. Children can get tangled in the cords of interior blinds. By investing in an electrical system, you have more confidence in your child’s safety!

Lateral Guide for Pleated Blinds

Side guiding is a highly recommended option for choosing pleated blinds. With a lateral guide, the pleated blinds are fixed and accompanied on the side. The pleated blind is then a little more solid compared to fixing only on the top of the window frame.

The side guide prevents the blind from slamming against the window, which occurs when the blind is only attached to the top of the window. The side guide also prevents light from entering the interior from the sides.

Best for Bedroom

Pleated blinds are available in different shapes and sizes. For the bedroom, blackout fabric pleated blinds are ideal. The blind will keep out light and give you a better night’s sleep. Don’t forget to opt for lateral guidance so that the light cannot penetrate through the sides of the blackout blind.

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