Obituary for Antonia Nieto

Antonia Estrada Nieto, age 87, was born on Feb. 23, 1934. She passed away in her home surrounded by family in Safford, Arizona. She had been a member of the community since 1975. Antonia was born to her mother, Amelia Trujillo, in Wickenburg, Arizona, and had two siblings, Dora Pacheco and Eleanor Ramirez.

Antonia attended school in Jerome and married her husband, Frank T. Nieto, on March 13, 1954. She and Frank had three children of their own, Frank E. Nieto, Christine Jackson, and Johnny Nieto. Antonia and Frank have 13 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren.

Antonia Nieto

Antonia loved spending time with her family, whether that was taking camping and fishing trips or just enjoying each other’s company. She had a loving, funny, and caring character who loved to tease her loved ones, especially Frank. She would always call her loving husband ‘Bombo.’ Antonia loved her husband more than life itself. She was a devoted wife, mother, and Nana. If you visited her house, you could count on always leaving with a full belly. Her love and devotion for Christ were strong, and she was a woman of faith. She always had a kind word for everyone.

She is survived by her loving husband, Frank T. Nieto; sons, Frank Nieto, Jr. and Johnny Nieto, and daughter, Christine Jackson; along with her daughter-in-law Dina Nieto, 13 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren. 

Antonia is preceded in death by her mother, Amelia, and sisters, Dora and Eleanor. 

You can shed tears that I’m gone,

Or you can smile because I’ve lived,

Your heart can be empty

Because you can’t see me,

Or you can let it be full of 

The love that we shared

You can remember me

And think only that I’m gone,

Or you can cherish

My memory and let it live on

You can live in the sorrows of yesterday

Or you can do what 

I would want for you:

Greet tomorrow with hope, 

Love and go on.