New to Bingo? Here’s how to find the best Bingo sites

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Bingo is one of the most popular games ever, and that’s not an exaggeration. There are an estimated 1.6 billion players of bingo all over the world, with around 60 million players in the United States alone. For a list of the latest bingo sites these players and playing on, click the link above!

If Bingo players were to form a country, it would become the most populated country on the planet! With more and more people playing the game each year, it’s not surprising that the Bingo gaming industry, especially online, has grown dramatically. 

This growth resulted in the rise of online gaming websites and apps globally. If you’re new to the game, chances are you will be confused with tons of apps and websites to choose from. But worry not, because we’ll look into ways how to find new and awesome bingo websites and apps.

Read reviews and try out sites/apps

Sometimes, the best marketing tool a Bingo website or app could have is word of mouth. Therefore, the first thing any newbie in bingo should do is to read reviews of several bingo sites and apps. Reviews often serve as a guide for those new to the game on which bingo sites to try and which to avoid. 

They can also provide valuable insights on things like prizes, promos and freebies, games, user interface, game variety, and how to deposit money and withdraw your winnings. The Internet has plenty of articles and blogs providing lists of the best bingo sites and apps to use. 

These blogs not only show the features of an online bingo site or app but also discuss their pros and cons. Hence, they allow newbies to weigh down all the choices and pick the best bingo site or app for them. Don’t be hesitant as well to try more than one Bingo site or app to know what’s best for you. 

Testing multiple sites and apps will allow you to compare features and earnings. Never rush when reviewing online bingo sites and apps. Take your time in learning each of them to hone your skills and earn more prizes. 

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Play free games first

Playing bingo, like other games, will always cost you money. So it’s best to try out free games first before giving your all. It would be difficult taking financial risks without properly learning the game. And the best way to learn bingo is to play it. Experience is the best teacher, after all. 

Luckily, some online bingo sites and apps have free bingo games that allow newbies and other players to practice their skills first before joining games that involve real money. With these free games, new players can sharpen their skills, put tips and tricks they learned from other players to the test, develop their strategies, and master the game. 

These free games can also test your tolerance toward risk. Bingo is a game of risk, and while the stakes are high, you could also lose big time as well. Playing these free bingo games will give you a chance to see how much risk you can take when you play the game with actual money. 

Socialize with other players

One of the most fun things about playing bingo, both online and in real life, is the players participating in the game. Before the rise of online Bingo sites and apps, playing Bingo was a social occasion. This never changed as the game moved from tables to computers and mobile devices. 

Some people might get carried away and start to be competitive when playing bingo. That’s understandable, but it’s always best to socialize with other bingo players especially if you’re new to the game. Not only you will make great friends along the way, but you will also learn important tips and tricks on how to play the game from seasoned players. 

Interacting with other players is also a great way to review an online bingo site or app. By talking to other players, you get a good view of what the app or site is as well as its pros and cons. 

You will also learn more about the game itself and help you develop strategies on how to win the game. Your chances of winning the game also depend on the number of players that are using the app or website. 

Look out for bonuses and promos

Bonuses and promos are the lifeblood of many online bingo sites and apps. Without them, it would be difficult for them to attract new players and retain old ones. They offer a wide variety of bonuses and promos ranging from free spins to deposit bonuses. Every bingo site and app use gimmicks to market their promotional offers and bonuses and therefore advertise their games. 

As a newbie, you should be on the lookout for introductory offers, welcome bonuses, free credits, and so much more. These bonuses let you win big prizes at a much lower risk. However, bonuses and offers don’t just increase a newbie’s chances of winning big. They also help players (especially new ones) practice their skills at a lower cost, enabling them to master the game and maximize their winnings later on. 

In any case, don’t stick to just one online bingo site or app. Always try out multiple sites and apps to compare which offers the best bonuses and offers! The more sites and apps you try, the more bonuses and offers you can get, which will boost your chances of winning!

Continue learning

No one becomes a bingo master overnight. Even the most proficient bingo players started somewhere small. If seasoned bingo players continue to learn new tricks and devise strategies, what should stop a newbie from being good at the game? Playing bingo is always a learning opportunity, so you should always have an open mind for new tips and tricks that will help you ace the game and win big.

In an age where everything is just one search away, newbies can read articles and even watch videos on how to play bingo. The Internet is not just your best friend when learning to play bingo. It could also be your teacher. Always keep an eye out for new information and strategies that will help you in your next game. 

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Also, take your time in learning how to play the game and never rush it. Everyone has their learning curve, so make every second of learning worth it. Soon enough, your efforts will pay off and you’ll be winning games big time. 


Online bingo can be intimidating to new players. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to even start. But newbies don’t have to be stuck with just one site or app to play bingo. 

A multitude of options creates choice fatigue for other players. However, it is still an advantage since you can win bigger prizes and improve your skills. Some factors determine whether an online bingo site or app is good or not. 

As a newbie, you can use these factors to your advantage and win the games you participate in. We hope that this article helps in your bingo-playing journey. Good luck and have fun!