Man assaults woman for hours; disseminates picture of her performing a sexual act

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – A man allegedly assaulted the mother of his child for hours after he became enraged after seeing something he didn’t like on her cell phone.

Officers were dispatched at about 12:03 a.m. on Nov. 30 to the victim’s residence regarding the assault. The victim said her attacker was her boyfriend, and that he held her down, spit on her and punched her for hours before leaving and saying he would be back with more people. The Gila Herald is not releasing the suspect’s name at this time because as of the report he had not been contacted and no arrest or formal charges were yet made. 

The victim said after the suspect saw some things on her cell phone he didn’t like, they began talking about it and every time she said something he didn’t like he would throw items at her or punch her. She described the items to include Gatorade and alcohol bottles and a bed frame.

The victim advised the torture went on for hours because her attacker had her phone, so she couldn’t call the police. She also described her attacker as destroying various property items and laughing at her when she would flinch when he was about to strike her.

Additionally, the victim said the suspect sent a graphic photograph of her performing a sexual act upon him to a friend of his using her own Facebook page and threatened to post it on his Facebook page.

While the officer was present, the victim began receiving text messages from the suspect complaining about her calling the police and making derogatory statements about her. The messages also said the police wouldn’t be able to help her.

As of the issuance of the Safford Police report, the case was still pending contact with the suspect. He faces possible charges of assault/domestic violence, disorderly conduct/domestic violence, criminal damage/domestic violence, and unlawful disclosure of images depicting states of nudity or specific sexual activities.