Letter to the editor: Woman requests answers from group seeking gun safety legislation

Photo From Moms Demand Action Arizona Facebook Page

Dear Editor: I wrote this to the Arizona chapter of Moms Demand Action and have yet to receive a response. 

Dear Arizona chapter – Moms Demand Action,

On Monday, Feb. 10, while watching the news I, and many others, in my Arizona region got to watch the report about this organization. Kara Waite must be the main speaker she’s quoted often (about) what this organization has done in Phoenix (and) what this organization is wanting to “achieve” for the entire state of Arizona.

First, I’m a mother born and raised in Arizona. I’m from Graham/Greenlee counties. (Which is) home to North America’s largest open-pit copper mine. I’m a mother and “bonus/step” mom of six children. I was a single mother of my two sons from 24-years old to 31-years old. Living alone, just my children and I, their safety and mine solely on myself.

Now that I’ve given a brief introduction let’s discuss what is the business of this email. I attempted to reach out to this chapter’s Facebook page through private messenger. After 24 hours of no response, I decided to go back to the Facebook page and start leaving comments. Within 10 minutes of my comments and challenging these posts with facts and truth, I was blocked from the Facebook page and comments removed. I can’t even send a private message now. What would be the reason for myself being blocked from a non-profit organization in my state just because I challenged the posts with facts?

I’m 98 percent positive I won’t receive a response back from this organization. It’s already been proven when someone challenges this organization and starts showing the lack of credibility they try to enforce that person gets blocked. Yet, if your allegations, statements, reasoning, and many others had facts and were logically then being challenged on the belief it would not be an issue. Being challenged would help the organization prove their credibility. What I’ve seen is this organization living solely on a biased opinion and if challenged then it’s blocked before others see.

The Arizona chapter Moms Demand Action is unconstitutional. Trying to take away Arizona citizens’ birthrights. It truly does not benefit anyone unless that person joins this organization. It does not care to listen to the reason of Arizona women and mothers because they are not a member of the organization so therefore their opinion and thoughts are not respected or listened to. Who or what gave this organization the right to take away anyone’s birthright?

Does this organization truly believe that because of their event that full background checks are to be done before anyone can purchase a firearm?


This has been being done for at least the last 15 years or more. If the potential buyer isn’t approved right away it can take up to seven days to even get a decision. Even pawn shops conduct this!!

Will enforcing parents to lock up their guns reduce school gun violence?


That single mom who has an intruder should just tell them to wait a minute while she unlocks the only protection she has for herself and children, correct? That women being raped should tell the offender to give her a minute to unlock her protection, correct? This is the logic that is preached in numerous areas that this organization speaks about.

Am I the only one, along with numerous people in my community, who believes that crime rates will go up drastically and the main target will be women?

Forcing parents to sign a form about their guns in their own homes in order for children to attend a school is not taking away anyone’s rights?


My reaction and many other Arizonians are unless they’re paying my bills than no one will be telling me what I’m to do in my own home. My children are safe, clothed, fed and have everything they want and then some. Yet, my children could be denied schooling because it’s against my personal beliefs and birth-given rights to be subjected to some form. That is asking for a major lawsuit.

Locking away or hiding guns from children will drastically reduce gun violence?

Wrong again.

It’s a psychological fact that doing this will result in the same reaction a parent gets when they tell their child to not push that button or touch something. This will spike their curiosity and will find a way to do what the parent said not to do.

There is so much more that myself and the many others with my same belief could debunk from the logic that is spoken from this organization. Instead, let’s explain to this organization a logically, proven and all-out better solution for our state.

Promote hunter’s education. First, hunter’s education is not what some people would think. Hunter’s education actually stresses and teaches gun safety to children as young as 9-years old and all the way to 100-years old. It’s been proven those who took hunter’s education and graduated are 95 percent less likely to be involved in an accidental shooting, gun violence, school shootings, etc. The reason is in-depth teachings on how to secure a firearm safely for yourself and bystanders, how to safely see where to point a loaded firearm that protects yourself and bystanders, and how to disarm a firearm so it’s safe. The list truly goes on with the benefits that hunter’s education teaches children to adults. Yes, it also teaches children how to survive if ever stranded in the wild, how to find help or get help. No, hunter’s education isn’t just for hunting; yes, in order for a child to hunt they have to pass this class and besides classroom is a field day. Without this, children legally aren’t even allowed to have a loaded firearm on their person. Hunter’s education has been around in every state of the U.S for more than 40 years.

While this organization is trying to hide the existence of firearms for children, myself and over half of my community and communities around me are putting our children through hunter’s education. It’s proven to be working because there has not been one single report of school shootings in my area, or guns being taken to school. This is because our children respect the weapon, understand it’s not a toy, and understand it’s for protection if only your life is being threatened or to put meat on the table.

Phoenix does have a major problem. The problem is women like Kara Waite, who is a leader of this chapter quoted in many reports, yet isn’t even a resident in the community/city that she is doing all this with. She works in Thatcher, which is in Graham County. If the question is wondering why I stated the county again please see my brief introduction paragraph. If Kara truly believes that what she speaks is the truth and credible, then why go to Phoenix why not start in your community of residence and employment? Truth be told because there are no facts to what she states and our community would debunk her and expose her for being a liar. I am curious, does she promote this organization on her teaching hours at Eastern Arizona College, does the dean know?

This organization states they speak for Arizonians, not now or ever will that be a true statement. Just as these organizations bring lies and one-sided views to get new members, I can rally many Arizonians that will help expose and show this organization is not credible.

The last three days I’ve heard many different statements about this organization:

“Well, won’t watch News 12 again for airing that garbage of moms.”

“That was a wasted five minutes of my life I will never get back.”

My favorite, which made me laugh and then wished I had come up with it:

“Positive my IQ dropped 20 points for watching these miserable excuses of women.”

If this organization truly wants to do something positive, taking away our birth-given rights as citizens are not the answer. Getting in line with the rest of our state of mothers to teach our children gun safety is the best option. Want to reduce gun violence than don’t hide it like you hide a child’s Christmas present. All that is being done is making them want to play hide and seek and rebel. Instead, teach children that gun safety has been proven to work long before this organization started. Show them it’s not a toy, and it’s a serious subject.

My 10-year old son was sitting next to me while we watched that report (he passed hunter’s education a year ago) and he looks at me and says, “Mom what is wrong with these ladies? (Do) they think guns kill people? Even I know it’s people kill people. Guns deserve respect and knowledge of safety.” I looked at him and immediately saw that is parenting done right. I told my son, “This is why you’re on a different level than these women’s high school children. I couldn’t be more proud of you for that!” I can say with 110 percent confidence my children will never be the shooter in a school shooting or the shooter in an accidental shooting.

I challenge every member in this Arizona Chapter Moms Demand Action to attend hunter’s education within their area. Then come to me and tell me how going through that class doesn’t help promote gun safety within our children? That fighting the Arizona citizens to remove their rights is still the better option?

It’s obvious this organization doesn’t like to be challenged. It doesn’t like it when their credibility is questioned. I’ve already proven that and it’s only been three days. Social Media is becoming the largest marketing platform and I plan to expose this organization for their lies and expose that they are not credible with their reports – proving that our beautiful state is allowing fake members in an organization to decide our fate.

If the organization is truly credible, then accept my challenge.

I will be looking forward to a response!


Arianne Johnson – Morenci

Editor’s Note: The Arizona chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America supports what they describe as “common sense” gun safety legislation, including Senate Bill 1219, which would make Arizona’s law match federal law which prohibits those convicted of domestic violence-related charges from purchasing or possessing firearms. The bill has not made it out of committee in the Arizona State Senate. The group is also promoting Advocacy Day 2020 in Phoenix where they encourage supporters to show up in red shirts at the state capitol and meet in groups with legislators to discuss gun violence prevention laws. Advocacy Day will be held Thursday, Feb. 20.    

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