Letter to the Editor: The Year of Wondering 2020

Dear Editor:

This is only an abbreviated list of events that just leave me wondering this year.

You have to have an I.D. to rent a car, check into a motel, and almost everything else you need to do in your everyday life. How is presenting I.D. to vote suppressing a legal vote? Just wondering.

If people are too busy to cast their vote at a secure polling location I wonder if they have time to be sure they are casting an informed vote. Just wondering.

Why does the mainstream media continue to claim there is no evidence of widespread fraud in the election when there are hundreds if not thousands of signed affidavits of irregularities in the election? Just wondering.

If there were no irregularities going on with the vote count why the reluctance to allow observers? Just wondering.

If tabulation computers are accurate why object to their examination? Just wondering.

How much looting, arson, and vandalism are necessary before it is no longer mostly peaceful protests? Just wondering.

Mainstream media says Trump and the G.O.P. are trying to overturn the election. They could say they are trying to verify the validity of the election. I wonder why they express it as to overturn rather than verify.

President Obama on the eve of his election famously declares “We are 24 hours from transforming America.” Now Senator Schumer proclaims, if they win the Senate in Georgia, we will transform America. So far, nobody has said what they want to transform us. Just wondering.

President Trump is being blamed for the pandemic in America, why don’t they blame him for the spread in Europe and the rest of the world as well? Just wondering.

Totalitarian governments control the press and all media in their countries. In America currently, it appears the media controls our government, which is worse? Just wondering.

Millions of dollars were added to the latest COVID bill for border walls between many third-world countries most notably Jordan and Syria, but somehow securing our own border is immoral. Just wondering.

Big Tech steals and compiles information about every aspect of our personal lives and sells that information. Why is this not theft and a violation of our right to privacy? Just wondering.

Was the escape of COVID-19 really an accident?  Just wondering.

If America is so evil, wicked, and racist why are a million legal immigrants a year, mostly (commonly referred to as people of color) clamoring to enter America? Just wondering.

If some people think socialism is so wonderful, why don’t they immigrate to one of the existing socialist countries? Just wondering.

Larry D. Adams

Bullhead City, Arizona

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