Letter to the Editor: Reader upset with black bear shooting in Clifton

Contributed Photo: This black bear was killed by law enforcement years earlier in a different county. The picture is used for illustrative purposes.

Dear Editor:

I am quite upset by the Sheriff deputy killing this juvenile black bear for no legitimate reason whatsoever!

This bear was not threatening or endangering a human. How horrible and calloused you are. You never even cared to haze him or tranquilize him to release into a deeper part of his natural habitat.

Where are bears suppose to exist to be safe? I care. I love wildlife and you commit this heartless act when this bear was doing no wrong? Disgusting.

The video is heartbreaking for a bear freshly out of hibernation doing what bears were meant to do. You were wrong and God knows you were wrong.

What is this world coming to?

Marjorie Ackerman


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