Letter to the Editor: Reader questions vet inability at old Swings ‘N Things location

Jon Johnson File Photo/Gila Herald

Dear Editor,

In our wonderful United States, our elected officials are voted in to represent us. Looking to their constituents for their directions and desires.

When government officials become insensitive dictators, insensitive to the needs of the very people who pay their salaries- they have forgotten their oath to serve- and have become self-indulging despots.

That is not how our great country was born- nor Safford .

When the greater good of the constituents is disregarded for the exercise of power, favoritism, or personal gain, then citizens must ask “have you forgotten us?”

There are two large and small animal veterinarians who have purchased the old miniature golf park- 13 acres. But Safford City Hall has blocked them from opening. Why? We need more vet services. Please call the members of the city council and the city manager.

Last night (Monday) I went before the city council and begged them to allow these vets to serve us.

Suzanne Smith


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