Letter to the Editor: Reader implores governor to do more to impede COVID-19 spread

Photo Courtesy of Governor’s Office

An Open Letter to Governor Doug Ducey:

I watch in dismay as Arizona’s COVID cases surge while you dig your heels in and refuse to do anything to help us. Specifically, I am at a loss as to why you are reluctant to implement any restrictions that would lead to a decrease in cases. As I write this, Arizona leads the nation in confirmed cases per capita. The only solution I have heard you mention to stem our surge in COVID cases is to “educate” people. No sir, we did not elect you to “educate” us. We elected you to “lead” us and that means making decisions that are for the common good even though they might be unpopular with some of your supporters.

Although you wish our terrifying rise in COVID cases was due to the fact that Arizona is increasing testing or Mexicans are seeking healthcare in the U.S. and bringing the virus across the border, this is not the truth. The percentage of positive tests in our state has more than doubled since late April.

Your decisions are the reason why Arizona has the highest number of reported COVID cases per 100,000 residents in the U.S. You implemented a short-lived shutdown that only resulted in destroying our economy, not suppressing the virus.  And now you refuse to rectify your mistake by implementing common-sense measures that are proven to slow the contagion i.e., mandating face coverings. You have abdicated your responsibility to local officials because either you are too afraid of angering the vocal, gun-toting minority of Arizona residents who bully and threaten anyone who restricts their freedom for the common good, or you are too embarrassed to admit that you have made a dreadful mistake.

Whatever your motivation for ignoring our sickness and suffering, it’s not too late to change course and do what’s right. Redemption is still possible for all of us.


Janet Breen – Sierra Vista

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