It was a grand time for Easter in Morenci

Walt Mares Photo/Gila Herald: A young child smiles during the Easter event at DeGrazia Park in Morenci.

Children, parents revel in the sunshine, fun at DeGrazia Park

Story and Photos By Walt Mares

MORENCI – Hundreds of small children, accompanied by their parents, had a grand time at an Easter egg hunt at DeGrazia Park in Morenci on April 16.

Children aged from toddlers to younger elementary age children participated in the event the day before Easter. The event was sponsored and put on by the Morenci Community Center staff.

Parents appeared to enjoy the Easter egg hunt as much as did their children. The entire lawn area, which covers most of the park, was covered with multi-colored eggs, probably at least a couple of thousand of them.  

Smiles and laughter were the order of the day which included opportunities for parents to take photographs and create many beautiful memories.

Along with toddlers, some of whom are just learning to walk, there were also many parents with babies in strollers. They were perhaps anticipating the day when their babes will be part of the fun of hunting eggs and expressing glee at their good fortune and fun. 

The weather was particularly beautiful with the sun shining brightly and a comfortable moderate temperature. The predominant feature of the event was smiling. Make that many, many smiles from children and adults. Overall, a good time was had by all.

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