How to wear a harness bra and how to choose it correctly

Women’s fashion is as varied and ambiguous as the women themselves. It can be gentle and romantic, or vice versa – become the embodiment of courage and brightness. Sometimes these seemingly incompatible qualities are surprisingly combined in one fashionable look. Lovers of everything bright and flashy not so long ago found a new attribute – a harness bra.

According to experts, a harness bra has become the subject of much controversy today. And yet, this accessory does not lose its relevance and attractiveness. Structurally, this is such a set of belts that covers the upper part of the female body. It can be of any color, made of leather or textiles, and also decorated with various elements such as buttons, rivets, and studs. The variety of designs, shapes, and external variations of this accessory made it very versatile. There are many options for creating a fashionable look using a harness bra.

Leather Chest Harness: Features of the Choice

To select a cage harness bra, in fact, like any other accessory, you need to take into account other elements of the image. It is desirable that it contrasts with clothing, but combined with other attributes. For example, a leather chest harness and a bag, bracelet, or hoop can be made in the same style and color. Alternatively, you can choose shoes or a belt and a harness bra of the same shade.

A black, leather, or eco-leather harness is considered the most versatile option. It goes well with a lot of things. However, an accessory of some bright color, for example, red or green, will give a woman a certain zest.

How to Wear a Harness Bra Correctly? experts give some tips for girls who use this accessory:

  • The leather harness bra itself is a very bright thing, so when choosing clothes it is recommended to focus on a simple form. For a casual style, choose a simple t-shirt, pants, mini skirt, or trendy jeans. You can wear a coat, jacket, or pea coat on top of the clothes;
  • The harness chain bra goes well with light dresses of any material. A win-win option is a sheath dress. A maxi dress or a long evening dress will also be a good choice;
  • Women’s strappy harness bra is combined with delicate clothes. A light chiffon blouse or a dress with ruffles is a trendy combination and a confirmation of your impeccable taste;
  • Office ladies can combine a harness bra with a white or pastel shirt and a straight skirt of medium length.

In conclusion, it is necessary to note that the harness bra is put on the body very simply. Don’t let the number of straps scare you! The accessory can be worn in several ways, depending on its shape: over the head; attach to the chest and fix at the back; over the shoulder and arm to any convenient side. Visit the site and buy a beautiful accessory for yourself!