Gardening class in Duncan on Saturday

By Walt Mares

DUNCAN – The weather is perfect for it. Daytime temperatures have recently been in the 70s. It will be an ideal setting for a class involving annual planting for a vibrant garden and landscaping.

So says Master Gardener Bill Cook, who is also a longtime resident of Greenlee County. He is the county’s program coordinator and has a strong knowledge of the county’s climate and what works best to have a beautiful garden.

The class is set for this Saturday, Nov. 13, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Greenlee County Extension Office in Duncan on Fairgrounds Road. There will be a short lunch break during the class. Participants are advised to bring their own lunch. 

The cost for the class is $10 for the general public and is included in the tuition paid by Greenlee Master Gardener students.

Cook said in a news release, “If you only attend one class this year this would be most beneficial. We will review the annual cycle of plants, soil, and climate and how those dictate the timing of various gardening activities, fertilizing, soil preparation, planting, watering, and so on.

“Knowing how this works will help you get the most benefit for the amount of work you put into your garden or landscape. With the vast amount of information at our fingertips, it is not always easy to separate fact from fiction. Join us here and learn some basics to find reliable, useful information that meets your purpose.” 

Cook said the event will welcome Marva Schenk as the newest Americorps member.

“She has some really great ideas and we will soon be seeing positive changes and improvements in our Seeds Libraries,” Cook said. Cook may be contacted at (928) 359-2261 (cell) (928) 254-8734, 359-2709 or at