Fun ideas for prioritizing your health this year

Photo by Gabin Vallet on Unsplash

Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution to focus on health for the coming year? You are not alone. Millions of Americans every year start with the goal of prioritizing their health for the next 365 days. Unfortunately, a lot of those goals are not accomplished, as many resolutions are abandoned by the end of February.

It does not have to be the start of a new year for you to decide that wellness will be a priority going forward. You can start taking steps right now to ensure that health remains important in your life. The key to success is finding habits and behaviors that you can get excited about so that you do not lose your motivation.

Health encompasses many different aspects of the body. Physical fitness, diet, strength, mental health, emotional awareness, and even social behaviors can affect overall wellness. If you want to start making health a priority in your life right now, here are a few fun ideas to get going.

Get into gardening

Mental health may have the biggest impact on physical health. Your state of mind affects everything that you do, so making sure that you are taking positive steps in this area is critical for your wellness goals. One activity that can support mental health very strongly is gardening. When people became extremely isolated a few years ago, gardening became incredibly popular, more so than it already had been. Now, that trend is still alive. Growing a garden provides numerous health benefits, including a boost to mental health and mood. You could put in a new garden in your yard or create a rooftop garden if you lack the lawn space for it.

Buy a resistance band

Exercising is not always easy to fit into your schedule. Plus, it can be expensive to either buy equipment or pay for a gym membership. If money is tight, then you may have to be creative with how you work out your various muscles. Resistance bands are a simple, versatile, and cheap solution for your fitness needs. They can be used in tons of creative ways to push your arms, legs, core, back, and most of the other muscles in your body. They are also super easy to roll up and store anywhere or bring with you on a trip. This useful piece of equipment can motivate you to try new exercises, even if you don’t want to pay for a gym or invest in other equipment.

Take supplements with balanced meals

Some people make the mistake of thinking that supplements can make up for nutrition gaps. For example, if you do not eat a lot of foods that contain vitamin B, a supplement can make up for it. However, the best way to take a vitamin or mineral supplement is when you also eat a balanced meal. Food is the best source of nutrient delivery, but supplements can boost your levels further. These products are a very simple way to support your health goals with additional nutrients and come in convenient forms like pills, gels, and powders.

Join a sports league

Exercising just to exercise is not for everyone. Some people need a little extra motivation to get moving, and competition could be that extra element that convinces you to focus on fitness. There are many accessible sports options, though what is available may depend on where you live. The closer you live to large towns or cities, the more options there will be. You can probably find multiple sports leagues for various levels of skills somewhere nearby. Some ideas include pickleball, tennis, soccer, basketball, spike ball, or even ultimate frisbee. Learning a new sport or joining a league for something you used to play when you were younger can be a very fun way to prioritize physical fitness.

Build a reading list

Reading is an underrated activity when it comes to mental health. It can be a great way to calm your mind, engage your imagination, and take a break from the regular pace of the day. Motivating yourself to read may be difficult, but a reading list can provide a little extra encouragement to engage with this activity. Set a goal for the number of pages you want to read each week, or the number of books to complete for the year. Waking up ten minutes earlier to fit in some pleasure reading can make your mornings feel less rushed and prepare your mind for the day’s activities. Create a reading list to motivate yourself and focus on this mental health practice that also makes you smarter.

Make health fun

The idea behind this list is that pursuing health does not have to be boring or repetitive. You can use various strategies to motivate yourself, but finding behaviors that are fun and simple can be very effective. Start a garden or invest in a resistance band for convenient workouts. Pair supplements with a healthy meal or join a local sports league for beginners to learn a new activity. Start a reading list to motivate yourself to pick up books and calm your mind. These practices can help you orient your goals around health going forward, making it a priority in your life.