Fort Thomas football team quarantined for two weeks

Games and practice suspended for two weeks

By Jon Johnson

FORT THOMAS – The San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation has quarantined the entire football team for the next two weeks, according to Fort Thomas Athletic Director Lee Haws. 

“We’re on a two-week quarantine, and, obviously, if kids have symptoms they’re going to test them too, but nobody has had any symptoms,” Haws said. “They even quarantined students who had the vaccination.”

The team has canceled its game tonight at Lincoln Prep and will also miss next week’s scheduled game versus Cicero Prep. 

A player had reportedly tested negative prior to leaving on vacation last week but a sibling had tested positive while the player was gone. The player returned and was tested in San Carlos, due to healthcare protocols, and it reportedly came up positive. The following day, the player reportedly tested negative in Safford. The player has not shown any signs of illness.  

Since the player had one day of practice upon his return from vacation, the SCAHC quarantined the entire football team who was at practice. A couple of players had already been quarantined due to close contact and were not at practice and will return sooner. 

The quarantine means Fort Thomas will not be able to play games or practice until Wednesday, Sept. 8, at the earliest. The Apaches are scheduled to host the Baboquivari Warriors on Friday, Sept. 10.