Former Arizona Congressman joins Restoration Forest Products Board of Directors

Matt Salmon Is the newest addition to the Forest Restoration Company’s Board of Directors

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PHOENIX — Restoration Forest Products, LLC (RFOR), Arizona’s leading sustainable forestry and wood products manufacturing company, has welcomed former state legislator and congressman Matt Salmon as its newest board member.

“Preventing catastrophic forest fires and restoring the health of our forests in Arizona has been a key issue for decades,” Salmon said. “The work RFOR’s doing is extremely important—restoring the forests, creating value from its products and by-products, and investing in Arizona’s economic growth. I’m looking forward to contributing to this crucial effort with my presence on the board. We’re on the cusp of something that could be a model for the rest of the United States.”

Salmon made his first appearance on behalf of RFOR at the United States Forest Service (USFS) Wildfire Crisis Strategy in Mesa on Jan. 19. USFS Chief Randy Moore announced that nearly a dozen landscapes will be added to the top priorities list in the western U.S., including the San Carlos Apache Tribal Forest Protection on the San Carlos Reservation.

“We are more than thrilled to have Matt join our board of directors,” said RFOR CEO Ted Dergousoff. “His background in business, as well as public administration and service, will be an asset in continuing our work to increase forest health and strengthen Arizona’s economy.”

Salmon served in the U.S. House of Representatives on behalf of Arizona for 10 years and has over 14 years of public service experience. Additionally, he has worked with small, medium and Fortune 500 companies for more than 25 years aiding in communications and governmental affairs. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and a master’s from Brigham Young University.

RFOR works closely with the USFS and the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI) in its forest restoration efforts. For more information, visit

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