Essentials you need to prepare for your fall road trip

Photo By: – @Patrick Tomasso

Everyone enjoys a good road drive, especially in the fall when the leaves begin to change color. If you are planning for a long drive with your friends or family this fall, here is a list of the required essentials you would need to bring for your road trip.

Do Not Forget to Bring Layers

Going on a road trip requires you to be as comfortable as possible, considering that you will spend most of your time in the vehicle. Therefore, remember to pack thick clothing for you to wear when the temperature goes down. This will guarantee a successful fall road trip as you do not want to freeze in the middle of the drive. Regarding attire, bring a jacket/sweater, a raincoat or an umbrella, a scarf, and a hat.

When it comes to shoes, get something that is basic and simple. It is usually helpful to have shoes on hand that you can quickly slip on if you need to get out of the car for a short time. Do not forget to be prepared by bringing along a pair of hiking boots or tennis shoes for more adventurous activities.

Pack Along Toiletries and Other Required Essentials

Even on a road trip, you will need the standard items you would carry on any vacation, such as deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, prescribed medications, and toiletries. When it comes to washing your hair, we would suggest using a dry shampoo to extend the time between washes. This will ensure that your hair smells nice despite skipping a few washing days.

Additionally, a quick dry towel eliminates the need to deal with dampness. Lastly, to protect yourself when you are outdoors, do not forget to apply Cetaphil sunscreen and insect spray. Remember to carry along motion sickness medication just in case for emergency purposes.

Prepare Snacks for a Hungry Stomach

The one thing about long drives is that they always make you hungry. Hence, to prepare yourself adequately, you will want to stock up on relatively mess-free snacks to ensure your car does not get dirty. It’s best to avoid sticky, wet, or excessively crumbly foods.

All-time favorite snacks for your fall road trip include trail mix, granola bars, dried fruits, veggie sticks, and popcorn jerky. Also, do not forget to bring a cooler to store all your food in. You can also get coolers that hang on the back of the car seat, as well as ones that plug into your car to keep your stuff extra cold.

Another great piece of advice when it comes to on-the-go snacking is to bring reusable water bottles, coffee cups, and even silverware so you can decrease plastic waste while simultaneously saving the environment when you are on the road.

Photo By: – @Sandra Harris

Make Your Vehicle Extra Comfortable

If you plan to go on a long road trip, you should make your car as comfortable as possible. Double-check that you have everything you require to get some rest while on the road. A couple of items you can bring are a silk mask for your eyes, a travel pillow, a blanket, and a few pairs of earplugs.

On top of that, do not overlook any electronic essentials! Make sure you have a charger for each device you are carrying and the necessary adapters required for your vehicle (if any). To make things easier, we recommend purchasing a phone mount where you can place your Xiaomi phone for hands-free navigation throughout the journey.

Stock Up on Road Trip Entertainment Choices

You can play your favorite game as much as you like, but it will likely become tedious after some time. That is why preparing some entertaining entertainment alternatives will keep things interesting. Our top picks would be some podcasts and audiobooks. Genres ranging from thrillers to mysteries and real crime are excellent choices when you are on the road because they fill you with rush and excitement. You can even put on some of your favorite movies on your tablet to watch while you are taking a break.

Another excellent choice is to make a group road trip playlist with everyone in the car. Having each individual upload a few songs is a great way to discover new music and keep things interesting over time. Bring along some car-friendly travel games or perhaps some simple painting supplies if you are traveling with children. Various miniature board game choices are available in the market for kids but getting your children playing cards and coloring books also works just fine.

Be Mentally Prepared for Road Trip Emergencies

Everyone wishes for a smooth journey; however, we can never expect what will happen. Therefore, prepare for any circumstances by packing an emergency car kit if you encounter any trouble on your road trip. Some essential items we suggest for you to have in your car are; first-aid supplies, flares, a flashlight, jumper wires, a tire repair kit, a spare tire, a fix-a-flat kit, and a scraper of ice (if you are going somewhere colder).

While you should always have your license and registration when you drive, this part requires reminding. Make sure you have the necessary documentation and your car’s manual to ensure a smooth sailing road trip.

Fall is one of the best seasons for you to take a vacation with your loved ones. You get the go out and enjoy nature with the changing colors. Hence, hop in a car and go for a fall drive to make the season more memorable. We hope these tips will help you prepare for your fall road trip adventure.