Editorial: Stupid is as stupid does

Column By Mike Bibb

Stupid is as stupid does. 

Forest Gump, 1994

Just when you thought the Democrats couldn’t get any more moronic, they exceeded their own expectations.

After several weeks of back-and-forth discussions, a New York City grand jury has decided to indict former President Donald Trump on “campaign finance violations” for an alleged “hush” payment to a movie porn star he supposedly had a fling with prior to becoming president.

The transaction was conducted by one of Trump’s lawyers.  This same attorney later served prison time for various crimes, including perjury.

If Trump did pay the woman with his own money – often referred to as a Nondisclosure Agreement – and the woman agreed to the settlement, then no crime was committed.

However, if campaign funds were involved, as the District Attorney in Manhattan alleges, then the time to file the charges had expired, as previous federal and state prosecutors have indicated.

In essence, the alleged crime was elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony without any of the facts ever changing.

According to New York law, the time for filing a legal suit for this crime had passed.  Commonly called the “Statute of limitations,” a person or agency of government, is allowed a certain number of years to complain after an infraction supposedly occurred.

If no complaint is filed, the allegation is dismissed.  Otherwise, anyone, at any time, could claim they were harmed and seek financial damages whenever they felt like it.

There are exceptions, but insisting a former U.S. President used campaign money to silence an alleged sexual encounter stretches the imagination.

Particularly, since the amount claimed was only $130,000 – allegedly paid from campaign funds by an individual allegedly worth billions of dollars.

On its face, the whole thing seems preposterous, and no federal or state agency has agreed to originate such a case.

In essence, apparently, there was “no there, there,” and this whole affair seems predicated upon a DA’s intense dislike for Donald Trump.  The DA handling the case has a documented record of statements and legal filings involving Trump going back many years.

This is the latest development in the Democrats’ never-ending pursuit of Trump.  

They are totally obsessed with destroying the man and have now stooped to a new low in their efforts:  Changing the law to achieve their goals.

Keep in mind, laws in this country are enacted by Congress and state legislatures.  Laws in counties, cities, and other governing bodies must be made in pursuance (compliance) with federal and state statutes.

Certainly, a local district attorney has no lawful authority to make up his own rules of procedure, or fabricate evidence, any more than Trump does.

After six or seven years of constant investigations, “Russia collusion” allegations, failed impeachments, Jan. 6 hearings, legions of FBI agents rolling into his home, media mocking, and assorted harassments, it’s amazing the guy is still standing – and continuing to hold 2024 re-election rallies around the country.

Dems are at their wit’s end.  This latest stunt in New York is proof positive.  Unfortunately, if they’re successful in maliciously altering the law to suit themselves or prosecuting someone they intensely disagree with, then its unintended consequences could eventually have disastrous repercussions for everyone.

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author: 

Editor’s Note: Former President Donald Trump was indicted on 30 counts relating to business fraud. Trump is expected to be arraigned in New York on Tuesday.