Editorial: Sign of the times

Photo By Mike Bibb: A closed notice was posted in the drive-through lane of the local Taco Bell. 

Column By Mike Bibb

In what has become a sign of the times, many restaurants and fast-food establishments have resorted to posting “Help Wanted” notices in their store’s windows to attract future employees.

The establishment’s desperation to hire additional workers is based upon the old economic principle of supply and demand; in this case, too few people to prepare and serve food for too many customers. 

Plus, the fact increasing unemployment compensation has adversely affected the labor market.  Why work when staying home pays about the same? 

The above picture was taken Sunday, July 18, 2021, of a business closed notice taped to the outside drive-through ordering console of the local Taco Bell.  Basically, the announcement simply apologized for being closed due to staff shortages.  It also mentioned they hoped to reopen soon.

I sympathize with any company, large and small business who is desperately trying to remain open during these uncertain economic times.  With various federal and state COVID mandates continually fluctuating, a national director of health who seems totally clueless, and a virus vaccination program that has only been accepted by about half the people, coupled with a president who has no problem sending out free money to anyone with a zip code, is it any wonder many folks are confused to the direction the country is heading?

Being cognizant of the national scene, I’ve observed dramatic changes in our economy, social structure, and acceptance of hundreds of thousands of foreign individuals who contribute few necessary skills but are willing to work for little pay and draw upon an economic and health care system that offers benefits beyond their imaginations.

At the expense of the American taxpayer.  After all, someone has to pick up the tab.

So, when I see help wanted notices taped in many local business enterprises, I have to wonder why even a guaranteed minimum wage is insufficient to attract a nonemployed person. These are jobs that are primarily suited to younger, unskilled individuals or others who cannot or do not want to do anything more complicated or time-consuming.  

Unfortunately, it appears we’ve reached a point when even the most non-motivated amongst us can stay home on the couch and enjoy the good life.

Complements of those who still choose to actually perform the work necessary to keep this whole thing going – while at the same time making sure the guy on the couch remains content with watching endless hours of Netflix or playing video games.      

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