Editorial: Politically correct now bashing precious Rudolph

Image Courtesy NBC Universal: Politically correct extremists have come after Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie this year.

Maybe some just need to get a life

By Walt Mares

Political correctness; sure, there are some very positive aspects about it. But to some people, such as I, it appears that it has become something akin to a disease. Make that a social disease that affects minds and attitudes.

Those attitudes include a faded or almost total lack of humor. What may remain is a warped sense of humor. Ah, yes, if someone does not adhere to political correctness – beware! If you do have a sense of humor, be careful. Nowadays it is difficult to tell what some may find offensive.

Many of those who are politically correct, or PC, are so to an extreme. For one thing, the PC crowd often picks on some things that should not be a big deal but are made so. Something unimportant is put under the light of suddenly becoming important. Thus, a cause is created. I have wondered at times if by becoming PC and being quick to point out that something is wrong when it is not if that person is trying to create a degree of self-importance. 

Image Courtesy NBC Universal

Personally I have never trusted extremists of any kind, regardless where they stand on the political spectrum. For many years the only extremists I have trusted are Chicago Bears fans. 

Lacking a sense of humor? Enter Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, who has recently become one of the latest targets of the politically correct. Ah, that innocent little mythical creature who leads Santa Claus’ sled on Christmas eve? Indeed, there are those who now have a problem with the movie about Rudolph. Those critical of the movie claim it sends a very wrong message about encouraging bullying. That includes Rudolph’s father, Donner.

What in the world?

Other critics of the Rudolph movie say that having a red nose portrays him as being a freak, a misfit, and that leads Santa’s other reindeer, including Papa Donner, to tease and make fun of the little guy.

The Rudolph movie first appeared on television in 1964 and to this day remains the most popular Christmas movie shown on television. I was 11-years-old in 1964. I recall the movie as being inspirational. Like most people in our town, we had a black and white TV. These many years later seeing it on color TV makes it all the more special.

I am now 65-years-old and I love Rudolph the Reindeer as much as I did as a child in the ‘60s. There are certain things that should be left alone by the politically correct. As the song about Rudolph says at its end, “Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, you’ll go down in history.” He has and those who would bash him just need to get a life.

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