Editorial: Non-profit motel rooms?

Column By Mike Bibb

The Democrat Party mantra of “Never let a good crisis go to waste” – even if you have to create it yourself -is playing out exactly as planned along our southern border.

President Joe Biden’s administration is fully cognizant its newly imposed immigration policies are about to wreck any remaining safeguards previously enforced from Brownsville, Texas to San Diego, California.

The flood gates have been opened and anyone capable of simply walking over or through our porous international boundary with Mexico – including migrant families – can now be expected to possibly be relocated to various motels in Texas and Arizona operated by so-called “non-profit” organizations.

Since federal detention facilities along the US/Mexican border are being filled to overcapacity by throngs of wandering individuals heading north, Biden has decided to hook-up with an outfit called “Endeavors” to provide 1,239 motel beds under a “short-term, $86.9 million contract.”

A recent report indicates the motels will no longer be called motels but referred to as “reception centers,” where illegal border crossers and families can be provided shelter, food, health care, and processing services.

My first reaction, is why would motels agree to provide “non-profit” lodging to migrating immigrants, but accept an $86.9 million government contract to do so?  Which works out to about $70,200 a bed.  Probably not including cleaning costs and extra expenses of maintaining the facilities to habitable conditions.   Hopefully, a 20-year career government bean counter may finally figure out the scam isn’t a good financial decision.

Besides, the term “non-profit” is an oxymoron to the taxpayers who are paying for everything.  Regardless if it’s profitable, or not.

One way or another, someone, somewhere is making money from this boondoggle.  It’s just a matter of official approval in order to make the ruse appear legitimate and less objectionable.  It’s certainly not to convince the public the latest government-promoted fraud will enhance the country’s safety.  Particularly when there is now little resistance to stall the assault in the first place.

In less than two months, Joe Biden has nearly unraveled former President Trump’s more stringent border enforcement policies.  Wall construction has been shut down while thousands of unaccompanied children and other undocumented foreigners rush toward the four-border state area.

Fox News has also mentioned the Border Patrol is releasing migrants soon after being apprehended because of a shortage of detention space.  Also, they are not being given court appearance dates – not like they would show up, anyway.

Cochise County Sheriff Mark J. Dannels, a 36-year law enforcement veteran, remarked in a recent television interview that he felt like “Southern Arizona is no longer part of the United States,” implying law and order is rapidly deteriorating from cross-border criminal activity, coupled with the uncontrollable surge of Central Americans. 

Of course, the geniuses in Washington D.C. are too busy with their own agendas to be overly concerned with the border’s problems.  After all, a nearly silent President Biden has casually pleaded for migrants not to come to the United States just yet.  Wait a while until things are more settled and the American people can be better conditioned to accept the reality of welcoming a new wave of poorly educated, low-skilled workers and future Democratic voters into society.

Strange as it may seem, not everyone thinks open borders are a good idea.  In fact, tens of millions of U.S. citizens believe the government’s border policies are damn near insane.

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