Editorial: COVID whiplash

Column By Mike Bibb

I’m not certain, but I think my reoccurring neck pain is being caused by the continually whiplashing effect of Washington’s COVID policies.  Especially when I hear the head COVID dean, Dr. Anthony Fauci, deny he’s ever changed his mind or flip-flopped on various COVID-related subjects.

Maybe my hearing has also been adversely impacted.  That must be it because I’m reasonably confident the highest-paid employee in government service would not intentionally misrepresent the truth or “science” behind many of his statements.  Regardless of video evidence to the contrary revealing Fauci’s multiple bumbling’s.  One day “it’s this,” the next day “it’s that” tomorrow, “who knows?”

That’s a funny thing about film – it doesn’t omit or change the statements and misstatements (lies) anyone makes about a particular subject.  Including COVID.

Most people probably recall when we were informed by our political and health officials the wearing of a mask wasn’t really needed.  Actually, Dr. Fauci made that announcement.

Then, for some reason, it became necessary to strap one on, even though studies have shown they are practically useless in stopping the virus.  COVID, we were told, was more virulent than previously thought, and until a vaccine was developed and publicly administered, we’d have to mask up to protect each other from a contagion that still wasn’t understood.

Meanwhile, to avoid spreading the disease, many state and government officials decided they should impose mandatory mask mandates, lock down the economy, forbid social interaction and await a miracle of medicine to relieve the unpleasantness.

After a few months passed, Dr. Fauci recommended at least two masks be worn.  In his words, “If one mask is good, then it stands to reason two would be better.”

Can’t argue with that profound assumption.  For a scientist who has spent multiple decades in the study of diseases – virology – seriously suggesting two masks might be better than one seems to be woefully underpaid.  Realistically, he should probably be earning at least twice his $420,000 annual salary.  

I don’t nearly make that much on a retirement income, but it seems logical two masks would be better than one.  So would three, seven, or nineteen.  Of course, trying to suck air through all of those layers of paper and cloth might cause collapsed lungs or respiratory infections.  Too bad – that’s the chance you take when complying with government directives. 

Adding to the absurdity, hundreds of thousands of unmasked, unvaccinated, and COVID-infected individuals are continuing to unlawfully enter the country through our southern border.  Apparently, that’s okay in the eyes of the Biden/Harris Administration since Joe refuses to do anything about it.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight:  U.S. citizens are encouraged to get vaccinated and wear a mask, but anyone jumping across our border doesn’t have to.

So, we patiently awaited the arrival of the vaccine.  Actually, three vaccines.  Each one promoted their particular advantages in immunizing a citizen against the ravages of COVID.

The only problem, they were being disbursed on an “emergency use” only basis.  They hadn’t been approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) because of insufficient testing.  Still haven’t.

Normally, newly developed drugs take several years of analysis before they are approved for public use.  Primarily, because the long-term efficiency and effects of a recently developed medicine are not known.  

In this case, only a few months had passed until the vaccines were introduced and injected into the arms of waiting customers.

Not everyone was happy how quickly all this had transpired or convinced getting the shot would eliminate wearing a mask, especially since information was becoming available questioning the after-effects and safety of the injections. 

Nevertheless, many people are being required to receive the vaccine if they wish to travel, attend school, or participate in sporting activities.  President Biden has required virtually all federal government employees and military members be vaccinated, whether they want to or not, or have already had COVID and recovered.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), has ordered the Capitol Police to arrest anyone entering the House chamber if they are not wearing a mask, including Congressional Members.  In effect, dividing the Capitol building in half.  People on one side need to be masked while the other side doesn’t have to.

Go figure – a Member of the United States Senate has to mask up before he/she walks down the hall to visit the House side of Congress.  I suppose little COVID germs are not very prevalent in the Senate but must be running wild in the House. 

How crazy is this?  Poor Fancy Nancy, I think she’s finally lost the two or three marbles she had left.

How much longer will it be until a vaccination card is required to enter a supermarket, purchase gasoline, board a mass transit vehicle, personally pay a utility bill or enter a voting booth?

Imagine, all of this nonsense evolved from the opinion of one man who wasn’t for wearing masks — until he was. 

Then the horror stories began.  Establishment media dutifully warned everyone the Centers for Disease Control had underestimated the severity of the virus.  It was engulfing the globe and the United States could expect a couple million fatalities.  Death was at our door step.

The future looked bleak as the CDC continually revised its guidance on how to deal with the pandemic.  The lunacy has become so totally wacky, that it’s now being recommended a vaccine injection should be accompanied by a facemask.  If that’s the case, then what’s the purpose of the vaccination if a mask still has to be worn?  Who thinks up this goofy stuff?

In the process, we’ve gone from an open and functioning society to being nearly locked-down, to reopen on a limited basis, to approaching near normalcy.  It’s been one heck of a bumpy ride, but just when we thought the worst was behind us, new calls for mandated vaccinations and masks are again in the news because of the emergence of various COVID “variants.”  

Viruses continually mutate or vary from the original.  That’s what they naturally do, and have been for as long as scientists have been keeping records.  Variant strains aren’t usually as severe as the original, but can sometimes cause discomforting sickness.

Nothing new about this.  I believe many forms of the annual flu evolved from previous coronaviruses.  In turn, flu shots are administered regularly but only have about a 50% overall efficiency rating.  Yet, we don’t go it panic mode every year when the flu rolls around. 

Now, however, the CDC – aka the Ministery of Truth, which seems to possess the combined IQ of a panicking herd of suicidal lemmings, has finally led us to only one viable conclusion – the never-ending confusion displayed by our leaders isn’t only due to negligence, incompetency or stupidity, but also by design. 

We appear to be intentionally misguided by agents of the very government that has sworn to protect us.  After observing for over a year and a half these bewildering decisions, what other logical explanation could there be?

Is a pandemic in perpetuity their objective?  Are we to remain masked forever? Surely, there are a few unconvinced souls in government that realize continually crying wolf eventually falls on deaf ears.  

On the basis of motive, means, and opportunity, Nancy’s Capitol Police should probably begin questioning a few of these folks.

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.