Editorial: COVID-19, Beta, Delta, Lamda, etc.

Column By Mike Bibb

As predicted, the coronavirus is, allegedly, responsible for a series of spin-offs. First, came Alpha, then Beta, Gamma, Delta, and now something called the Lambda variant.

Sounds like the same procedure the National Weather Service uses to identify hurricanes.

COVID-19 will become the never-ending incubator of viral infections. Get ready for more government excuses to further regulate your life in the name of protecting yourself from some continually mutating disease.

The control-maniacs who wish to obtain increasing amounts of authority over our lives have seized upon a way to do so while making it appear their actions are justifiable under the guise of tussling with a pathogen that has probably been in nature – in one form or another – for millions of years.

Unless, of course, the Chinese are at it again, but the media doesn’t like to discuss that possibility. It’s much more beneficial to keep China happy than to suggest evidence points to their direct involvement in the development and spread of COVID. Plus, they’ve already threatened to crack our skulls if we get too pushy. 

Just when COVID vaccines were being administered in mass to anyone who wants them, we’re casually being reminded there may be a need for a third booster-type injection. This seems to indicate the original vaccines do not have the staying power we were told.

If a third shot is being considered, can a fourth, fifth or sixth be on the agenda? Are resumptions of lockdowns a viable possibility? Are we going to be compelled to go through all this lunacy again?

Remember when the experts assured us the advent of COVID vaccines would be the silver bullet to slay the dreaded virus? We could finally come out of hiding, remove our masks and resume a normal lifestyle.

Remember that? You should, it hasn’t been very long ago.

Let’s don’t forget other accepted drugs – besides the three chosen from Big Pharma – have been shown to be successful against COVID, but have been purposely ignored by the experts in favor of a new vaccine with a short history.

However, the experts failed to adequately warn us there could be problems with the vaccines, and our total reliance upon them might not be the wisest thing to do. There was increasing data substantial numbers of people were having adverse reactions to the shots, with many dying from various complications, including young adults who are supposed to be nearly immune to the virus or quickly recover from an infection.  

“Oh, that’s to be expected,” the experts lectured us. “Whenever a new vaccine is introduced, there’s always going to be a certain percentage of failures (deaths). That’s just par for the course. Get over it and get your shots,” they admonished.

Often overlooked is the fact the current vaccines still haven’t been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. They are being administered under an emergency use-only provision. Their actual efficacy and safety haven’t been authorized.

This might help to explain why so many people are reluctant to have their arms poked since no one knows the long-term effects of the shots or what health issues may ultimately arise from the use of them. Seems prudent to question their safety until it can be adequately established their continued applications will not cause more harm than good. 

Besides, we’ve repeatedly been advised if a person has recovered from COVID, they don’t need the shots.  They’ve developed a natural immunity – which is reportedly more potent than the vaccines.

However, the Biden Administration is not wanting to further delay the vaccination program. There is talk of sending government representatives door-to-door to inquire if people have had the shots. Employers are being encouraged to avoid recalling workers who have not been vaccinated. Some public schools and universities are refusing to enroll students who don’t possess a COVID vaccination card. Public transportation operations – rail, bus, plane, rental cars – are being requested to deny service to anyone who can’t provide proof of vaccination.

For all their PR ballyhoo, they still haven’t adequately explained why people who have received the vaccines are still worried they could be infected by those who haven’t been vaccinated; signaling a noticeable lack of trust in the integrity of the medicines.

Then there’s the questionable death statistics related to the virus. By their own admission, The Centers for Disease Control have indicated most fatalities from COVID were a direct result of co-morbidity issues – serious preexisting health concerns before the virus infected the patient.

Similar to insisting a multi-year cancer patient ultimately succumbs to an allergic reaction from a honey bee sting. The cancer was already inflicting severe damage upon the body, but an unfortunate bee sting was the final coup de grace.

The cause of death is recorded as a bee sting, with preexisting cancer complications.

The same can be said for obesity, heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, and other ailments where COVID is recorded as the primary cause of death, but in actuality, an already deteriorating physical condition probably contributed more to the patient’s demise than the virus.  

It’s become a national hysteria, all predicated upon a vaccine that hasn’t been officially approved by the very same government whose leaders are insisting nearly everyone must be immunized with the unapproved medicines to prevent the spread of a virus that has already nearly been exhausted.

Not knowing how they would react, why would anyone voluntarily inject themselves with a vaccine that is still in the testing phase?

Realizing COVID-19 has just about run its course and there are millions of unused vaccine doses still available, the experts are compelled to keep the merry-go-round going by periodically cautioning us of the latest virus variant to surface in some part of the world and the need to vaccinate younger and younger age groups.

Consequently, we’re continually reminded the boogie-man is still lurking out there, so we had better not foolishly let our guard down.  Get your shots, or someone could get sick and it might be your fault.

More importantly, a big pharmaceutical company could lose a few hundred million dollars in government vaccine contracts. 

The views expressed in this editorial are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Gila Herald.

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