Editorial: Biden not interested in securing the southern border

Border fence near Yuma

Column By Mike Bibb

It’s becoming increasingly obvious the Biden-Harris Administration doesn’t give a damn about our southern border with Mexico.

Virtually no effort is being expended to stop the flow of thousands of undocumented aliens — from various parts of the world — from unlawfully entering our country.

The situation is completely out of control, with no concern of stopping it.  Estimates approaching a million unlawful entries have already taken place this year, surpassing previous totals for the same time period.

Hell, they don’t even talk about it much, and neither Joe nor Kamala has taken the time or effort to mention it publicly.  Other than VP Kamala commenting they need to become more involved in the “root causes.”

If that’s the case, Kamala needs to look no further than Washington to determine the “root causes.”

This administration’s open border is the “root cause.”  Even folks from Africa and the Middle East have figured that out.  Not to mention caravans of border crossers from Central and South America. 

In less than six months, Joe Biden’s inept cabal of leftist-inspired minions has managed to wreak havoc on a previously enforced border policy.  President Trump at least tried to manage a porous border with a wall and enforcement agreements with Mexico.

It wasn’t an ideal situation, but efforts were being made to improve upon a decade’s festering wound.

Joe and Kamala, on the other hand, appear to have tossed caution to the wind and embarked upon a reckless campaign of allowing as many illegal immigrants into the country as possible.

Currently, our Border Patrol is totally overwhelmed, reduced to trying to maintain some kind of order in a rapidly deteriorating environment.

By any logical definition, Biden’s Border Blunder has escalated into an invasion of strangers bringing poverty, disease, criminals, and vastly different cultural differences into our society.  There is no longer any pretense of obeying the law or of this administration’s efforts to enforce it.

Joe seems to be concentrating on one thing – “get vaccinated.”  Meanwhile, untold thousands of unvaccinated illegal immigrants are being dispersed by the government around the country and that seems to be okay.  COVID has increased several hundred percent along some border areas in Texas, and probably others as well.

Thousands of more crossers are never apprehended or voluntarily turn themselves into authorities.  So, who really knows the actual number of violators roaming around in our communities and rural areas?

In actuality, the federal government has nearly abandoned its responsibility to provided border protection in favor of encouraging a crass political stunt that will eventually – unless halted and reversed – backfire with serious repercussions.  

The longer the insanity is permitted to go unchecked, the worse the situation will become.  In addition to everything else Joe wants to spend trillions of dollars on, he can’t print enough money to buy his way out of this mess without eventually collapsing our entire economic system.

His 50 years of being a mediocre politician in Washington finally culminated in being rewarded the Crown Jewel – the presidency of the United States.

There may have been worse recipients in our nation’s history, but I’d probably have to do some extensive research to find one.

The opinions in this editorial are those of the author.  

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