Editorial: Another big Biden blunder

Column By Mike Bibb

Similar to his FUBAR* efforts along our southern border, President Joe Biden has once again shown he has no inkling what he is doing, even when he is doing it.

His hasty and uncoordinated military withdrawal from Afghanistan displayed to the entire world his incompetency and lack of presidential skills.  In just a few days, America’s two-decade-long involvement of blood, toil, sweat, and money was trampled into the dust by marauding waves of Taliban soldiers and fleeing civilians.

More unbelievable, he pulled our troops before civilians and military equipment was removed, leaving several thousand stranded government employees and contractors to find their own way out of the chaos, and handing the Taliban billions of dollars worth of armaments and supplies.  

This is a total failure on several levels.  I’m not sure any United States president has ever overseen such a disorganized operation before.  Supposedly, the withdrawal was planned by the biggest brains in the Biden Administration.  

Instead, it looked like the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing.   

Recently, Joe assured us Kabul was not a repeat of the Saigon evacuation 45 years ago, and the Taliban was not the North Vietnamese Army.  He was correct in his geography and military organizations, but terribly misguided in his optimistic assessment of the Afghan army’s capabilities.  They threw down their guns and ran like everyone else. 

After briefly returning to the White House to announce the collapse of Kabul, Joe didn’t take any press questions, instead immediately leaving the room to return to his scheduled vacation.

As of this writing, he still isn’t answering pertinent questions.  The total breakdown of American influence in the region has been one of the greatest political and military blunders in our history.

Uncharacteristically, the liberal press questioned Biden’s bizarre decision and its end result.  When the likes of CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and other Democrat Party-leaning media organizations begin doubting his judgment, then things are starting to unravel.  

Both Kabul and Saigon fell in a humiliating display of the United States in retreat as swarms of enemy combatants overran both cities, causing mass hysteria and confusion. 

Kabul was Medieval in appearance.  Thousands of Afghans frantically clinging to departing helicopters and cargo planes taxiing down the runway, knowing their fate would soon fall into the hands of a murderous regime intent upon slaughtering anyone not obediently complying with their twisted political and religious doctrines.

In retrospect, a contemporary replay of comparable Afghanistan historical events dating back hundreds, maybe thousands of years, and ending with the same predictable results. 

There’s a reason Afghanistan has been called “The graveyard of empires.”  They defend their tribal traditions with the ferocity of a mama lion protecting her cubs.

Weapons and equipment may be outdated, remnants of prior conflicts, but they always find ways to compensate and improvise.

They are patient, cunning, and ruthless and have the wherewithal to outlast the opposition — no matter how long it takes. 

America, on the other hand, has a more hurried approach to warfare.  Which isn’t a bad thing as long as there’s follow-through and containment.  Once the enemy is defeated, make sure they know it.  A stern reminder if the Marines have to return again, things won’t be so pleasant.

Unfortunately, our adversaries seem to know us better than we know ourselves.  Our governing system is entirely different than theirs and our history as a nation isn’t nearly as long.

That said, there’s no excuse for politicians and military leaders to act irresponsibly, further endangering our troops and other personnel.

We have the knowledge of how to fight wars and win.  And we certainly have the hardware and capacity to manufacture whatever we may need.

If there’s anything lacking from a war’s perspective, it might be the leadership of our Commander-in-Chief.  Joe Biden currently holds that position, and his word is the final say.  However, his decisions should be predicated upon sound advice from his advisers and generals in the field – not woke indoctrinated bureaucrats and military consultants  

Perhaps Joe was given this information, but for whatever reasons he thought he knew better.

Unfortunately, his 50-year Washington career proves otherwise.  Joe didn’t win the presidency because of his unremarkable tenure in Congress, or his mediocre performance as Obama’s vice president, or his lack of knowledge in domestic and foreign affairs.  

Actually, he rarely came out of his house to campaign and when he did, he attracted crowds smaller than a pay-per-view infomercial.    

He simply got more votes than his opponent.  At least, that’s what we’ve been told. 

  • FUBAR — Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition — a popular acronym describing a situation that has been badly mismanaged.           

Editor’s Note: The opinion stated in this editorial is that of the author.