Dunagan running for Greenlee Board of Supervisors District 1

Contributed Photo: Shane Dunagan would like your vote for Greenlee County Board of Supervisors District 1.

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Hello!  I am Shane Dunagan.  I am an Independent candidate running for the Board of Supervisors, District 1 (Clifton).  I would respectfully like to ask for your vote.

I have worked at the FMI mine in Morenci for 30 years.  I am currently a project coordinator for the Townsite.  I am married (Elizabeth Enriquez), have two kids (Kiahna and Kane), and a grandson (Brayden).  I have been a resident of Clifton for the last 21 years.  I coached Clifton High School baseball and softball for five years.  I also owned Shane’s School of Martial Arts in Clifton for 21 years.

I would bring with me 30 years of work experience to the county if elected.  I am very knowledgeable of OSHA standards, Infrastructure, equipment operating, budgeting, project management, park maintenance, leadership skills, business owner, and a long list of other qualifications. 

I would like to say that I don’t want to change the county.  I only want to make it better.  My focus for the county is you!  I will work diligently to acquire grants for projects/departments to improve or assist the needs of our county.  I will listen to the community and resolve their concerns.  I will selflessly serve the community.  If elected I will run a transparent office.

Below are a few of my agenda items;

Contributed Photo: Shane Dunagan
  • Our county parks have all fallen short in some way or another.  My goal is to pursue plans to improve our existing parks. If elected I would pursue new recreational opportunities like a dog park, skate park, sand volleyball, fishing pond, and picnic gazebos.  I would also work to see a parks and recreation department created.  Parks provide space for neighborhood residents to interact with each other and meet new people. They’re also great spaces for events and for people to engage in recreational activities. This allows people to develop a sense of community. A park is perfect for a picnic, a concert, or a farmer’s market—whatever our community feels it needs.   It also reduces crime rates, especially among youth. By giving young people a safe place to interact with one another and keep them off the streets and out of trouble.
  • I plan to develop a Job training program with FMI/Contractors for community members, to give them a skill set for employment.  Also, for inmates, the goal is to reduce inmates’ risk of recidivating by teaching them marketable skills they can use to find and retain employment following release from jail.
  • I plan to work on a program to recycle materials from the landfill, create jobs and revenue.  One of the bigger reasons to reduce waste is to conserve space in our landfills and reduce the need to build more landfills which take up valuable space and are a source of air and water pollution. By reducing our waste, we are also conserving our resources.  As part of this plan, bikes will be removed and refurbished and given to local less fortunate youth at Christmas.

I am looking forward to meeting you as I campaign in your neighborhood.  If I miss you for some reason, please contact me if you would like to discuss whatever concerns you may have.  If you have not registered to vote, please do so.  Your vote matters and can make a difference.  You can register at the courthouse in Clifton with the Recorder’s Office.  I am a write-in candidate on the ballot.  Please write my name (Shane Dunagan) and color in the bubble to vote for me on Nov. 3.  Thank you for your time, stay healthy! 


Shane Dunagan


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