COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Graham and Greenlee counties but pale in comparison to the rest of the state

Graham lists 85 total cases and Greenlee 18

By Jon Johnson

GRAHAM AND GREENLEE COUNTIES – Yes, new COVID-19 cases continue to crop up in Graham and Greenlee counties, however, the numbers pale in comparison to the rest of the state and are the lowest total and lowest per capita.

As of Saturday night, Graham County is reporting a total of 85 cases (an increase of 10 over the previous two days) since the start of the pandemic with 50 active cases involved in seven different clusters. A total of 33 people have fully recovered and there have been two deaths, both by elderly patients with underlying health conditions.

The ages of those in Graham County who have tested positive are 17 under the age of 20, 17 between 21-34, 32 between 35-64, and 19 who are 65 years or older.

In Greenlee County, there are 18 total reported cases since the start of the pandemic as of Saturday night, with 10 active cases, seven fully recovered, and one death, who was an elderly patient with underlying health conditions.

The San Carlos Apache Reservation, which encompasses both Gila and Graham counties, has been a source for a number of new cases for both counties. The number of positive cases on the reservation is split up by where the patient lives.

Out of 120 positive reported cases on the reservation as of Saturday night, 23 are from Gilson Wash, 42 are from Peridot, 28 are from 7-Mile, 14 are from Bylas, and 13 are from other areas. The San Carlos Apache Tribe is reporting 91 active cases on the reservation, along with 21 positive cases of tribal members living off the reservation, with 11 active cases and three deaths.

As of Sunday morning, the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services is reporting 73,908 total cases, with 1,588 deaths. Maricopa County leads the way with 44,962, followed by Pima County – 7,525, Yuma County – 5,781, Navajo County – 3,537, Pinal County – 3,350, Apache County – 2,303, Coconino County – 1,819, Santa Cruz County – 1,698, Mohave County – 1,004, Yavapai County – 668, Cochise County – 561, La Paz County – 328, Gila County – 268, Graham County – 85, and Greenlee County – 18.  

While COVID-19 can cause severe illness and death (especially to elderly patients and those with underlying health conditions) most patients experience flu-like symptoms and fully recover.


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