Cochise County Search and Rescue airlifts fatigued elderly hunter

Photo By Cochise County Sheriff’s Office

By Jon Johnson

BONITA – Hunting wildlife can be a taxing, grueling effort. A 72-year-old man on a hunting expedition had to be airlifted by Cochise County Search and Rescue on Friday, Nov. 17, after he became fatigued.

A Graham County Sheriff’s Office deputy was contacted at about 3:20 p.m. while off-duty at his home regarding a possible search and rescue call in the area of Black Vista Road and the Eureka Ranch. County Dispatch advised the reporting party was hunting and the 73-year-old hunter became fatigued and couldn’t hike any further. A second, 28-year-old hunter was also in the hunting party. 

The coordinates plotted near Black Vista Road and Bonita/Klondyke Road, and the Cochise County SAR advised they would be able to land a helicopter near the coordinates.

At about 4:42 p.m., the Cochise County SAR advised they had located the hunters and that they would both be flown out to the Willcox Airport.

According to a report from the Cochise County SAR, the 72-year-old man showed symptoms of fatigue and dehydration but would recuperate.

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