Chamber urges community to take digital survey

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GRAHAM COUNTY – The Graham County Chamber of Commerce is calling on all residents, businesses, and community organizations in Graham County to participate in the Arizona Commerce Authority’s Digital Equity Survey. The survey is being conducted in conjunction with the Digital Equity Institute to gather crucial insights on how we utilize and engage with technology and the internet in our community.

“The responses to this survey will shed light on our digital practices, needs, and expectations,” said Vance Bryce, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce. “With these insights, the State of Arizona will be able to allocate broadband funds in a more informed way. Your survey response will make sure Graham County has voices in this conversation.”

This confidential survey covers a broad spectrum of technology-related topics – from daily internet usage to technological aspirations. With a time commitment of no more than 15 minutes, respondents have a powerful opportunity to shape the digital landscape of Graham County. Upon completion, participants may choose to leave their contact information for a follow-up interview, but this is completely optional and will not be linked to the survey responses.

“We believe that every voice matters. Your perspective is essential in shaping the future of our digital community. Whether you’re a parent helping children navigate online learning, a business owner looking to leverage technology, or an individual who relies on the internet for daily activities, your experience is invaluable,” Bryce added.

The survey results will guide the Arizona Commerce Authority and the Digital Equity Institute in identifying gaps, needs, and potential areas of growth within our technological sphere.

The Graham County Chamber of Commerce encourages everyone to seize this opportunity and share their experiences. Your response will make a difference. Make your voice heard and help shape our digital future.

Individuals who wish to participate in the Digital Equity Survey, please follow the link:

If you represent an organization and wish to participate in the Digital Equity Survey, please follow this link:

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