Best 10 beautiful places in Arizona

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Have you ever thought about going to Arizona for a holiday? While it may not be the first-holiday destination you think of, there are plenty of Arizona places to visit. Read on to find out about the beautiful places in Arizona. Make one of them your next holiday destination.

Petrified Forest National Park

The Petrified Forest National Park is in Navajo and Apache lands in Arizona. It is named for the large amounts of petrified wood present, but there is a lot more to the park. Go there, and you will learn all about the prehistory of America, the native fauna of the area, and more.

If you need to write an essay about the history of Arizona, the park is a good place to start. If you don’t, then it is still a wonderful place to have a holiday. Relax in the dry climate of the park, and take a good look round.

The Grand Canyon

Of all the places to visit in Arizona, this is one you shouldn’t miss. The Grand Canyon is simply amazing. It is a dry and arid area that exposes two million years of history. The Colorado River has gradually exposed the rock over time, to make the stunning vistas we know today. If you go now, you will be able to walk across the newly commissioned Skywalk to see the canyon up close.

Go to the Grand Canyon for some interesting history and geology. You will also be able to enjoy some of the cleanest air in the U.S.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is a very famous part of the Colorado River. It is a very popular tourist destination – if you go there, make sure to go at sunset. The sight of the bend in the river at that time of the evening is quite something.

Horseshoe Bend is the result of what is called an entrenched meander. It is what happens when the land around a river begins to rise. The Colorado River originally had a wide floodplain. When the ground around it began to rise, the river itself moved downward into a smaller river bed. Thus, Horseshoe Bend was born. This area is very near the Grand Canyon, so you could see both of them on the same holiday!

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is possibly the most beautiful place in Arizona. It is in the southwest, to the east of Page (a town in Arizona). Antelope Canyon is what is called a slot canyon, and you could honestly spend an entire day here. The canyon is on Navajo land, and you need to book a guided tour to go into it.

The canyon is divided into two parts, the upper canyon (the place where water runs through rocks) and the lower canyon (spiral rock arches). Antelope Canyon exists because of flash flooding. The area is made up of sandstone, which is a very soft stone. The water wore it away over time to what we have now.

Grand Falls Navajo

Grand Falls is one of those up and coming Arizona vacation spots. It lies squarely within Navajo lands, in what is called the Painted Desert.

The Grand Falls are also sometimes called the Chocolate Falls due to their color. These colors come from the source of the falls – snowmelt that makes its way into the Little Colorado River. This river is known for its muddy and silty waters, which is why the water is so dark. The falls are higher and wider than Niagara Falls, and so will make for some spectacular viewing on your holiday.

Monument Valley

Any writer at or a similar writing site would be sure to put Monument Valley into their travel essays. This would make a fantastic spot for a vacation. The spot is dominated by the monuments – four tall sandstone towers that rise high above the valley floor.

What makes the monuments absolutely fascinating is that they have distinct layers. If you look at them, you will be able to see the three main layers of Organ Rock Shale at the bottom, de Chelly Sandstone in the middle, and a mix of Moenkopi formation and Shinarump Conglomerate at the top.

Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly is fully in Navajo lands at the top of Arizona. This is one of the longest continuously inhabited parts of America. If you come here on holiday, be prepared for lots of history. This would an ideal spot for anybody who is interested in history, either professionally or just as a hobby.

Access to the canyon floor itself is restricted – it is still inhabited, after all. You can book a guided tour through the canyon if you want to see it.

Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is often called the smaller cousin of the Grand Canyon, because of its great beauty. If you go here on holiday, you will find yourself near one of the few bodies of water that always exist at that altitude. This area is wonderful for both swimming and fishing. It has been designated a wildlife reserve, so you will be able to see lots of wildlife. The whole area is very peaceful – ideal for some time off!

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Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls are within a lesser-known part of the Grand Canyon, so could be a lovely place to see in Arizona. They are on Havasupai tribal lands. If you go to these falls, you will see some vivid blue-green water as a result of the high concentration of calcium carbonite in the water. The falls have changed many times due to the softness of the stone. At the moment, there is one single fall of water. In the past, there have been several.

Vermillion Cliffs

The Vermilion cliffs will always turn in any writing from PerfectEssay. These cliffs form the second step in the five-step Grand Staircase of the Colorado Plateau. They are formed from a mix of silt and sand dunes. If you are lucky enough to see them after a winter rainfall, then you will see them covered with delicate desert flowers.

These cliffs are important to American settlers. They were traveled and explored extensively by Mormons, including the missionary Jacob Hamlin. He started a ranch at the bottom of the cliffs.

Enjoy Seeing Them!

You may not have thought of a holiday in one of the most beautiful places in Arizona before, but you will now! Take a leaf out of our book and take your next holiday there. It is unexpected, and it will show you a new side to the Copper State.

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