Benefits of CBD oil for cats

As time goes by, cats get older. With that, they are more likely to experience more health issues, such as weakened immune systems, less appetite, less mobility, etc. Many people have been in these kinds of situations with their cats and have often wondered what is the right medicine that could help them. CBD has proven that it can be really beneficial for health treatments for cats.

Even if you are unsure whether it is a good idea to try it on, you can always ask other people for their opinion, or even doctors. All of them will say positive things about it and encourage you to try it to improve your loved one’s health. All in all, you got nothing to lose, and you can only gain from it.

If you have decided to try it, then some factors should be considered, such as how much CBD you give them, their weight, and the issue they are facing. More important things to note are that you should factor in some possible side effects that may occur in this scenario. That’s why you should give your cat the proper dosage. If you overdo it, chances are that your pet will start experiencing worse side-effects.

While it is still for sure that your pet will benefit from it, it is always best to first consult a veterinarian or start off by giving it a small dosage and see the results for yourself. If you want to read more about this topic, be sure to check out the next link for more information.

Why should you use it on your cat?

To use it, you need to know what it is actually. It stands for cannabidiol, and it can be found in hemp plants. The way it works is that it is extracted from hemp plants, including their leaves and flowers, and in that way, oil is extracted from them. Everyone has cannabinoids in their bodies, including our pets, which occur naturally. It is called the endocannabinoid system (also known as ECS). This system has three main components, enzymes, receptors, and endocannabinoids.

It is still a brand-new topic in modern medicine. Yet, scientists have concluded that it may be an essential function in our body. It controls many functions like managing stress level, inflammation, sleep, mood, appetite, skin functioning, and motor functions.

It is imperative to note that marijuana and CBD are not the same things. Many people mix these things up and often give you a weird look in the eyes when you say the word cannabinoid. Rest assured, they are very different, as CBD does not contain or may contain below zero-point-three percent of THC level. This compound gives you the results of being high and the psychoactive effects caused by marijuana.

For this product to be legal, they must meet the laws and act accordingly to them. Before deciding to buy it, first see what the product is made of and how much THC does it have. Want to read more about this topic? For more information, check out this link.

Will it help my cat?

Hopefully, you are now more informed about CBD oil, and you ask yourself the question asked above. The answer is definitely yes. Research has shown that this product helped cats in stressful situations, like changing environments, loud noises such as fireworks or thunderstorms. Cats can be really stressed about situations like these, and it has been proven that it is helpful for them to cope with these troubling issues.

Studies have shown that usage of this oil on your pet can help in alleviating various sorts of pain, and it proved to even contain anti-inflammatory properties, and in a lot of cases, boosting the immune system. The next question is, is it safe for my cat? As mentioned above, cats have ECS as people do. What this means is that it is definitely going to be helpful for your loved one.

If you decided to try it on your pet, then after some time, you start to notice that your cat starts to behave lethargically or just wants to sleep more and not be bothered, then the answer is you have your cat too much CBD. You should consider lowering the dose and check out the results again. While many people want to share oil “made” for humans with their cats, it is still best to consider buying a product that makes products just for them.

As you may notice, our bodies are not the same as theirs, and they might have different reactions to it. It is always best to consult a veterinarian before deciding which one to use. Another thing to note is that they can build tolerance as we do, and this means that if your furball stops having any reaction to it, then the dosage is too small, and you should consider changing it.

In conclusion, what everyone wants is to make our little friends happy and satisfied. Nobody wants to see them suffer, and that is the worst sight to behold. Deciding to try CBD oil for your cats is the best choice you could make, and the results are almost immediately effective.

There is still no concrete evidence and proof that diseases and various issues can be cured; this will differ in time. There are new studies every year, and hopefully, this will be the medicine of the future.

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