Another domestic dispute results in another intoxicated man having to be physically restrained by officers

Contributed Photo/Courtesy GCSO: Mario Ogas, 25, was booked into the jail after drunkenly misbehaving at his ex-girlfriend’s residence.

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – Mario Ogas, 25, was arrested and booked into the Graham County Adult Detention Facility on Monday, April 22, on charges of criminal damage, disorderly conduct, and criminal trespass in the third degree. 

The charges stem from Ogas’ alleged actions in the early morning hours of April 22, in which he went to his ex-girlfriend’s residence when he was told not to go there, punched her car door resulting in a dent and was seen yelling at the victim by officers. 

Police officers were dispatched to the victim’s residence at about 1:35 a.m. after she informed them that Ogas had threatened to beat up her boyfriend and that he was on his way to her home. Ogas is the victim’s former boyfriend and the two share a child in common.

The victim stated that she had given Ogas a ride to work at Burger King and that he was intoxicated when he got out of her car. She said a short while after dropping him off, Ogas called her and accused her of stealing his cell phone. At that point, Ogas said he was coming to her residence to assault her new boyfriend and take back his phone. 

The victim attempted to head Ogas off prior to his arrival and located him walking southbound on 1st Avenue near Johnson Motors. She said she attempted to talk to him but he punched several utility poles, knocked over a trash can and then punched her car. 

The victim then called the police and headed home. The victim said she didn’t want any charges against Ogas but just wanted the police to make sure he didn’t come to her home. 

Upon police arrival, however, Ogas had made his way to her residence and was seen yelling at her about the phone.

Ogas initially refused officers’ commands and had to be physically restrained. Two officers grabbed Ogas and forced him to the ground, where he was then placed in handcuffs and taken into custody. 

While the victim declared she didn’t wish to aid in any prosecution, the victim’s new live-in boyfriend advised he wanted to pursue trespassing charges. 

Ogas was then transported to the jail, where he blew a .189 breath/alcohol concentration on a portable breath test. 

Ogas allegedly admitted to drinking alcohol prior to going to work and insisted that his ex-girlfriend had stolen his cell phone when she gave him a ride and that he just wanted to get it back. He was then booked into the jail on his above-listed charges.